Monday, June 12, 2017

Second Semester Final: Show what you know

A final exam is an opportunity to show what you know, a chance to prove to yourself and others that you have learned, and that you are capable of meeting expectations.

Your 9th grade English teachers designed this test almost entirely around things you have already read, tasks you have already done, and skills you've had lots of practice with.

It is not meant to be hard, but it will require your concentration and critical thinking as you make the best selection for each question.

The test includes 33 multiple choice questions and several short answer responses. At the end of the test you will find some reflection questions. After you submit your test you will see a link to complete the course evaluation

I've enjoyed teaching you this year and I hope you'll come back and say hello next year.

SECOND SEMESTER FINAL Yes, it has a password. No, you won't be able to guess it. Yes, I change it frequently.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Last class before finals!

Welcome to our last class. It's time to reflect, share, and celebrate the things we have learned this year. 

  • I'll be here at lunch if you need to do any last minute work. 
  • Today is the last day to request re-grades. I'll process those this weekend so you can know what your grade is going into the final.

You have all been great classes. I've loved every minute of working with all of you. Keep reading. Don't Panic! and have a wonderful restful summer. Come see me in the fall.

Monday periods 5 and 6
Tuesday periods 1 and 2
Wednesday periods 3 and 4

Studying for the final? Here are some tips. 
  1. Review your Comparative Analysis essay for "The Cask of Amontillado" and The Night of the Hunter. There will be questions about these two works, as well as how the writer/director used various stylistic techniques.
  2. Review the articles from the Extreme Sports unit. These should be in your Google Drive. The exam will include passages from these articles with multiple choice questions. 
  3. Review the articles from the Academic Honesty unit. These should also be in your Google Drive. The exam will include passages from these articles with multiple choice questions.
  4. Review the literary terms we used throughout the year: diction, irony (all three kinds), theme, sensory details, figurative language etc.
  5. Review the rhetorical terms we used throughout the year (ethos, pathos, logos, etc.) 
  6. Review the format for writing a Rhetorical Precis summary paragraph.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Show us your projects

Goal: Show us your projects.

Class logistics
Project Presentations

Submit Your Project:
  • Today you will present your academic honesty projects. 
  • If your project is online (slides, videos, website, etc.) use the link above to submit your work. 
  • If your project is not online get ready to turn it in. 
Present your project:
Each group will get up for a few minutes to explain the project you did and how it went.
While each group presents please share your opinions about how they did.

Studying for the final? Here are some tips. 
  1. Review your Comparative Analysis essay for "The Cask of Amontillado" and The Night of the Hunter. There will be questions about these two works, as well as how the writer/director used various stylistic techniques.
  2. Review the articles from the Extreme Sports unit. The exam will include passages from these articles with multiple choice questions.
  3. Review the articles from the Academic Honesty unit. The exam will include passages from these articles with multiple choice questions.
  4. Review the literary terms we used throughout the year (diction, irony, theme, etc.).
  5. Review the rhetorical terms we used throughout the year (ethos, pathos, logos, etc.) 
  6. Review the format for writing a Rhetorical Precis summary paragraph.
  • Return all books you borrowed from our classroom. 
  • Clean out your locker before 6/9. (Get your combination from Ms. Bertha Almeida in the attendance office.)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Book Reviews and project work time

Goal: Finish book review #11 in your book review doc.

Book review (last one)
Work on AH project

Great job!

  • Some of you completed book review #11 at home and those people are working on their academic honesty project. 
  • If you didn't write your review at home you need to do that first. 
  • Remember even a partial review of a book you didn't finish reading is better than not writing a review at all. 


  • Textbook return tomorrow. Bring all of your textbooks to class. We will return them to the library. You can keep books you need to study for a final. Those books are due the day of that final. 
  • Academic Honesty Projects due THURSDAY. Be ready to tell us about yours. 
  • Return ALL classroom books! 
  • Friday is the last day for lockers. Clean out your locker. See Ms. Cooper in the library if you forgot your combination. 
  • Friday is also the last day to request a re-grade on work from this semester. 
  • Finals next week! M: 5&6, T: 1&2, W: 3&4. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Project Time

Goal: Work on your academic honesty project so that you will be done by Thursday.

Project time

Project time:
Be sure to review expectations on the Academic Honesty-Next Steps Project Page
Specifically be sure your project has:
  • Data from our survey
  • Cited sources/ references visible to the audience (even if it is small)
  • Your first names
  • Credits to anyone who helped you with the project
Want more project time in class tomorrow? 
You can write you BOOK REVIEWS TONIGHT. Put it in your Book Reviews document (not your English Journal.)

  • CALL IN your Extreme Sports essay if you haven't already.
  • Return all books you borrowed from our classroom. 
  • 6/6 Book reviews due. Write at home or in class depending on your project needs.
  • 6/7 Textbook return. Bring all of your textbooks to class and we will take them back to the library during our class period.
  • 6/8 Academic honesty projects due. Be ready to present and explain your project.
  • 6/9 Clean out your locker before 6/9.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Project time

Goal: Make progress on your academic honesty project. 

  • Read
  • Reading progress
  • Work on your project.
  • Get feedback on your proposal as you work. 
Reading Progress: 
Fill out the FORM with your update. 

Work on your project: 

  • I know many of you have already started. 
  • Today is a good day to make more progress. 
  • If something needs to get done for your project this weekend be sure your group knows who is doing what. 
  • Need a template for a brochure, click here
Final Study Guide: 
The final will be mostly multiple choice and it will contain many passages from articles you have already read along with a few new ones. If you've been here and focused on our work you should already be well prepared. If you want some suggestions for studying you can view the STUDY GUIDE. (It will be worth 10-15% of your semester grade.)

Return all books you borrowed from our classroom. 
6/2 Academic honesty project proposals were due today.
6/6 Book reviews due. Write it in your Book Reviews Doc. Choice: Write your review at home and have more time to work on your project in class. Or write your review in class on 6/6. 
6/7 Textbook return. Bring all of your textbooks to class and we will take them back to the library during our class period.
6/8 Academic honesty projects due. Be ready to present and explain your project. 

Check what's checked out to you from the PLHS Library:
Go to the library catalog page. Sign in (upper right side) then click the "My info" tab to see what is checked out to you. 

Other tips: 
Pick up award certificates in the counseling office. 
Clean out your locker before 6/9. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Reading Inventory and Project Proposals

Goals: District reading inventory assessment. Continue working on your project proposal.

Reading inventory assessment
Project proposal

Reading Inventory:
Today we repeat the reading inventory assessment you last took in January. Your updated scores will help us assess your reading progress. It may take you 30-45 minutes. There is no rush.

(If you are absent don't try to take this test at home.)

Project Proposal: 
When you write a proposal you are trying to convince others (and yourself) that your project is worth doing. A proposal helps you think through all of the parts of the project. If you are working as a team, the proposal becomes a document that shows what you agreed to do.

Still have time to spare?: 
Help students in Ms. Murphy's class by taking some of their surveys. Or take this survey about Google Classroom.  Or read this newsletter from the library.

Keep reading. You'll be finishing book #11 by 6/6.
Project Proposal due before class on 6/2. (Yes, I'm going to grade them.)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Academic Honesty Project: Initial Ideas and Proposal Template

What message are you sending? 
Goals: Meet with partners re: Academic Honesty Project. Complete initial ideas form. Start project proposal.

Academic Honesty Project:
Work with your team (or on your own) to plan your academic honesty project.
When you are ready, or before the period ends, please complete the Initial Ideas Form.

Tips for organizing a project: 
  • Share a Google Drive folder with the other people in your group. You need a shared folder for this project. 
  • Start a planning doc in that folder and begin listing your ideas and options there. 
  • Keep all the work, slides, notes, and docs for this project in your shared folder. 
  • Put your proposal doc in this folder too. 
Proposal: Due Friday 6/2
Use this Proposal Template
Be sure to rename it and share it back to Mrs. R. (Only one doc per group please.)
Complete all parts of the proposal before class on 6/2. 

Reminders: (Also see the calendar below the blog posts.)
6/2 Academic honesty project proposals due. 
6/6 Book reviews due. Written review in your Book Reviews Doc. 
6/7 Textbook return. Bring all of your textbooks to class and we will take them back to the library during our class period. 
6/8 Academic honesty projects due. Be ready to present and explain your project. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Reading and Academic Honesty Project

Goals: Show what know about that book you just finished. Learn more about your next project.

Reading Progress Survey
Book #10 Activity
Academic Honesty Project

Absent yesterday?
If you were absent yesterday you should now have access to most of the work we did. Scroll down to yesterday's post.

1. Reading Progress Survey:
Please complete the survey HERE.
Got a new book? Check it OUT>>>

2. Book #10 Activity: 
Your book #10 "review" will be via a Google Form. Please click HERE to start.

3. Academic Honesty Project:
Read the assignment SHEET about this project. We will be talking about it more in class.
You can use File/make a copy to save your own copy to your Google Drive.
Think about this project over your long weekend.
Your initial ideas are due on Tuesday 5/30. (The next time our class meets.)

Absent today?
Do 1-3 above.

Initial ideas for your project are due 5/30.
Finish reading book #11 by 6/6.
Return all library books by 6/5.
Textbook return 6/7.
Last day for lockers is 6/9.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Our Academic Honesty Policy

Goals: Learn more about the academic honesty policy of our school and share your opinion on the topic.

Study the PLHS Academic Honesty Policy
Take a quiz on the policy
Share your opinion

Your Opinion: (After we take the quiz please.)
Please complete THIS FORM about your opinion.

Absent? I'll post a homework version of the quiz later for your additional practice.
Homework version of the quizizz. Join HERE with quiz code: 952703. (Open until 6/7.)

Take home your novel project by the end of the day Thursday.
Finish reading book #10 by Thursday.

Deadlines to remember:
June 5th: Return all PLHS Library books.
June 6th: Finish book #11. Book reviews that day.
June 7th: Bring all textbooks for textbook return.
See calendar at the bottom of this page for finals schedule.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Academic Honesty Jigsaw

Goals: Further reading and discussion about issues of academic honesty.

Read an article with your group.
Share out what you read about with a different group.

Reading an article: 

  • With your group read and discuss your assigned article. 
  • Be sure you can talk about: 
  1. A brief summary of the article including the author's position. 
  2. Several important details, including any that seemed new or surprising. 
  3. Any issues or disagreements you have with the author's position or data. 




SOURCE 4 (POPE) Orange



Explaining your article: 
I'll re-group you and you need to explain the article you read.
You will also hear about several other articles.
Take notes in your English Journal about new and interesting information. Write down the source in case you need to reference/cite this information later.

Get our Data: 
Click HERE to get your copy of our survey data.
Look through the slides and add your thoughts in the slide notes.
Use the sentence frames HERE to write about the data in the slide notes.


  1. Finish book #10 by this Thursday 5/25.
  2. Last day to return PLHS library books is 6/5.
  3. Finish book #11 by 6/6.
  4. We return textbooks on 6/7. (Bring all your books for all of your classes. If you need to keep a book to study for a final that's fine. That book is due the day of that final.)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Looking closely at infographic data

Goal: Examine an infographic and draw conclusions from the data.

Reading Progress Update
Examine an infographic
Writing about data.

Reading progress update: Click HERE.

Examine an Infographic: 

  • In an increasingly visual world data is now often packaged and presented in "infographics."
  • Read through the infographic below.
  • What data stands out to you?
  • This infographic is based on this article. Which is more helpful to you?
  • What are the pros and cons of using infographics?

Writing about data: 

  1. Open your English Journal.
  2. Write 10 factual statements based on data from the infographic below.
  3. Use the sentence frames from THIS PAGE if they help you.
  4. Discuss your facts at your table.
  5. Pick your five favorites.

Cheating in the digital age
Courtesy of:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Poetry Slam and Making Up Work

Block days are fun aren't they? 

Monday and Tuesday most of my students did the California Healthy Kids Survey. 
Wednesday and Thursday most of my classes have been attending our annual Poetry Slam. (Some students have stayed in class with Ms. Love to make up missing work.)

Exception: Period 2 on Thursday there is no Poetry Slam for us to attend, so we get to try something new. (Some students will be working on missing work instead of the new thing.)

Red: Make up work. Ms. Love made you a list of your most critical items. 
Orange: Click HERE
Yellow: Click HERE
Green: Click HERE
Blue: Click HERE
Purple: Click HERE

Finish reading book #10 by THURSDAY 5/25. 
Call in your Extreme Sports Essay if you haven't already done that. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

CA Healthy Kids Survey

Goal: Take the California Healthy Kids Survey
  1. Read. 
  2. Take the Healthy Kids Survey. CLICK HERE (I'll give you the access code in class. You can not take the survey if you are absent.)
  3. When you finish read your book or work on something from the list below. 
Things to do when you are done: 
  • Did you finish charting the text in your EJ from last week? 
  • Did you answer the reflection questions at the end of your Extreme Sports essay? 
  • Did you self score your English Journal on Wednesday? 
  • Did you complete the article of the week assignment on Tuesday? Including writing in your English Journal about one of the articles? 
  • Have you called in your Extreme Sports essay? 
  • Is your book checked out? 
  • Do you have a parent survey to turn in? 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Soapstone with a Precis

Goals: Complete the SOAPSTone protocol with your partner then catch up on any work you missed this week.

Catch Up


  • With your partner complete THIS SOAPSTone form
  • You have the article. It is shared with you in Google Drive.
  • Note that the SOAPSTone form also asks you to write a rhetorical precis. Don't skip that part. 
Catch Up: 
  • Did you finish charting the text yesterday? 
  • Did you answer the reflection questions at the end of your Extreme Sports essay? 
  • Did you self score your English Journal on Wednesday? 
  • Did you complete the article of the week assignment on Tuesday? Including writing in your English Journal about one of the articles? 
  • Have you called in your Extreme Sports essay? (Due tonight at 9:00 PM)
  • Is your book checked out? 
  • Did you give your parent/guardian the survey I passed out yesterday? (Period 2 I need to give you these today. I only got them period 3 yesterday.)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Charting the Text-Without paper this time

Kind of obvious
Goal: Charting the text about academic honesty

Charting the text

Charting the text:

  • You will need the article "Cheating on the Rise Among High School Students" that I shared with you yesterday.
  • With your table work to complete the chart about what the author is saying and doing.
  • You will create this chart in your English Journal. 
  • I will show you how. 
Call in your Extreme Sports Essay by 9PM Friday 5/12. See tab above for directions. 
See blog post below and make sure you are caught up on all of that. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Reflection and Reading

Goals: We have a lot to do today. Reflection of your progress and a new article to read.

Self score EJ
Essay Reflection Questions
Essay Revision Sites
New Article to Read

1. Self Score English Journal:
  1. Open your English Journal
  2. Review the English Journal Scoring Guide
  3. Determine how you would score your English Journal. 
  4. PASTE this sentence below into the TOP of your English Journal and be sure it is complete. 
May 10, 2017 Self Score:      
I believe I have earned a ______ <<(Your score 1-5) on my English Journal because_______________________ _______________ <<(Your reasons you think you earned that score.) 
2. Essay Reflection Questions:

  1. Open your Extreme Sports essay document. 
  2. Scroll down and find the reflection questions at the end. 
  3. Answer them in complete sentences.  
3. Essay Revision Sites
  1. Visit the Hemingway App to get suggestions for revisions
  2. Visit Paper Rater to get more revision suggestions
  3. Use the Docs add-on SAS Writing Reviser to learn even more about your writing. In your Doc click "add-ons" then "get add-ons" then search for SAS. 
4. Article to read and discuss
  1. I shared a new article with you in Google Drive. Find it and read it. 
  2. Look use "define" to help you with words you don't know. 
  3. Discuss the article at your table. What does it say? What does it mean? Why does it matter? 
Make up Socratic today at lunch. 
Call in your essay by Friday. See tab above. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

AOW and Catching Up

Goals: Article of the week and catch up time.

Newsela Article
Catch Up Time

Newsela Articles:

  • There are three new articles assigned to you in Newsela. One is about the series 13 Reasons Why, one is about the recent healthcare legislation, and the third is about students cheating on a medical school entrance exam. 
  • Read at least TWO of them and take the quiz in Newsela. Click on the lightbulb. 
  • Write about ONE of them in your English Journal. 

We have a lot of students out today for field trips, so the rest of us get some time to catch up. 
If you are not here today you are still responsible for the Newsela Articles. 

Catch up list: 

  • Extreme Sports Essay: Are you done? Have you done the reflection questions at the end of the doc? 
  • Call in your essay. You can use the phone in the office. 
  • Have you chosen books for #10 and #11? Have you started reading them? 
  • Comparative Analysis essay: Do you need to revise and request a regrade? 
  • Check Power School: What are you missing? 
  • Have you been absent? Did you read the blog for the days you missed? 
  • Make up Socratic Seminar on Extreme Sports is TOMORROW at lunch. This is the second and last make-up chance I am offering. Please be on time. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Monday

Goals: Complete the survey, catch up, maybe even get ahead.

Academic Honesty Survey
To do list

Call in your Extreme Sports Essay:
Remember when I told you that there would be other things to call and read this year?
Remember when I said doing the dramatic reading from your book would be good practice?
You can now begin calling in your Extreme Sports Essay.
See the tab above for directions. Call before 9:00 PM Friday 5/12 for the best possible score. 

Academic Honesty Survey: 
Please complete the SURVEY
It's about 40 questions and may take you up to 30 minutes. 
It will not save your answers. Make sure you are online before you hit submit. 

If you finish you can: 
Work on your Extreme Sports Essay. (Final draft due is due today.) 
Call in your dramatic reading. 
Work on your Comparative Analysis Essay and request a regrade. 
Or, you know, read your book. 

Book Conversations

Goals: Having conversations about the books we have been reading.

Book conversations

Book Conversations: 

  • Using the preparation doc you got on Wednesday tell your group about the book you read. 
  • Refer to the chart >>   about extending conversations to encourage the people in your group to say more about their books. 
  • Note: These things should always be said in a helpful way. 
  • Speaking and listening are skills expected of you by our state standards. Ms. Love and I want to help you develop those skills. 
You can still call in your dramatic reading. 
Extreme Sports Essay final drafts are due Monday. Review the comments from your writing group. 
The grading period ends today. All regrade requests must be made before 2:30 today. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thrively Survey and English Journal Entry

Goals: Reading progress survey and strength assessment.

Reading progress survey

Reading progress survey:
Complete the reading progress survey about the book you are reading today.


  • Thrively is a platform that will help you learn more about your self and discover your interests. 
  • Click HERE and use the code I give you in class to join our class. 
  • Your goal is to complete the Strength Assessment. 
English Journal: 

  • Open your English Journal. 
  • Paste in your favorite sentence from your Official Thrively Assessment Profile.
  • Write: To what extent is your profile accurate or not? What did you learn from it? 
  1. Complete your organizer for our books discussion tomorrow. 
  2. Extreme sports essay final draft is due Monday 5/8. Act on the advice of your writing group. 
  3. Call in your dramatic reading before 9:00 PM Friday 5/5 and I'll add those points to this grading period. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Finishing Writing Groups and

Goals: Finish up writing groups and begin our next book review project.

Writing groups
Book review project introduction

Writing groups: 

  • Yesterday you all did an amazing job with your writing groups. I heard and saw excellent feedback in your groups and in the comments you left for each other.
  • A few groups did not get to all participants, so I want to give you a bit more time today to make sure everyone gets to be heard.

Book Review #9: 

  • Book review #9 will be in the form of a book discussion this Friday.
  • Prepare for your book review discussion using the graphic organizer I gave you in class.
  • You only need notes to yourself and bullet points, but you do need to prepare and I will collect your preparation documents.
  • Because this is a discussion you should be prepared to answer questions about your book from other students.
  • (If you are absent Friday there will be a make up next week.)

Socratic Seminar Make Up: 
If you missed our Socratic Seminar about extreme sports there will be a make up this Thursday (tomorrow) at lunch. (It's been on the board all week. I just keep forgetting to add it to the blog.)

Final Draft of your Extreme Sports Essay is due Monday 5/8. 
Many of you should still call in a dramatic reading. See tab above. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Writing Response Groups

Goal: Writing groups for your Extreme Sports essays.

Writing Groups

Writing Groups: 
  • Sharing your writing with a group will help you improve your writing and learn what a reader might think while reading your work. 
  • Follow the procedures in the chart or on THIS PAGE with your group. 
  • Use the peer review checklist on your essay document. 

  • Read! (Work to prepare for review #9 starts tomorrow! )
  • Make revisions to your Extreme Sports essay. Final drafts will be due Monday.
  • English Journals due Thursday.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Evidence and Opposition

Why would anyone jump out of a
 perfectly good airplane? 
Goal: Work on adding evidence to your essay. Focus on correctly quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing the words of others with citations.

Using the words of others
Objections and Counter-Arguments
Writing time

Using the words of others:
  • Direct quotation: In “Extreme Sports Not About Risk-taking: Study,” Dr. Brymer found that people who participate in extreme sports have an image of “risk takers and adrenaline junkies”. He found this really isn’t true (3).
  • Paraphrase: In “Extreme Sports Not About Risk-taking: Study,” Dr. Brymer notes that people who participate in extreme sports try to be prepared so they can decrease their risk of injury (8).
  • Summary: In “Extreme Sports Not About Risk-taking: Study,” Dr. Brymer cites his study to show that many people who participate in extreme sports do so for reasons other than an adrenaline rush. He points out that they don’t like to be out of control and that by preparing for their sport, they feel they are really in control (11).
Objections and Counter-Arguments
     Introducing objections:  
  • Some people may say that _______________. 
  • Critics might argue that __________________. 
  • I know some people will think _________________. 
  • There are people who would disagree because _______________. 
  • Those who have never tried ____________ might (think/say/argue) that ________________. 
     Addressing opposing viewpoints: 
  • These critics haven't considered ______________________. 
  • When you know more about ________________...
  • Doubters should see how____________________...
  • To say that _____________ is an exaggeration of_________________. 
  • While it is true that ___________________, it does not necessarily mean that________________. 
(Some of these suggested frames come from They Say I Say, by Graff and Birkenstein, 2014)

  • Finish your draft of your Extreme Sports Essay by tomorrow for writing groups. Draft grade. 
  • Finish reading book #9 by Tomorrow. Wednesday I'll give your more info about "review #9" which will be a bit different from our usual review. 
  • Friday 5/5 is the end of the grading period. Check your English Journal. Are you missing anything? Could any of your work be better? A little effort now can really help you later.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Friday: Every period is different. Find yours.

Every period today is a bit different, so scroll down to find your's. 

Period 2: 
Goal: Learning to use different ways to include evidence in your essay. 

Ms. Hylton is going to show you some ways to add evidence to your writing even if you aren't directly quoting the author. 

Reminders: Keep working on your essay. Draft due Tuesday. Keep reading because you should finish your book #9 by Tuesday too.

Period 3: We will have a guest Skype session with Jordan Romero
You can learn more about him HERE.
Keep working on your draft and keep reading book #9 (Or start on book #10)

Periods 5 and 6: 
We are still a day behind because of our technical difficulties on Wednesday, but we will be caught up after today. Mostly, you'll get more time for writing after a quick lesson about quotations.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Making progress on that draft

Goal: make progress understanding what you are writing about. Make progress actually writing.

Discuss the quote you are writing about with your group.
Work on adding to your draft. You have a complete draft due on Tuesday 5/2.

I suggest you discuss these things with your group:
  1. The meaning of the quote. 
  2. The extent to which you agree or disagree with what the quote says. 
  3. Possible opposing viewpoints to your positions. (What would someone who disagrees with you say?)
  4. Possible counter arguments to those opposing viewpoints. 
  5. Help each other with possible evidence to support your position. 
Self-regulate and decide for yourselves when you need to move from discussion to drafting time. 

  • Finish reading book #9. 
  • Friday 5/5 is the end of the grading period. Check your English Journal. Are you missing anything? Could any of your work be better? A little effort now can really help you later.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Extreme Sports Writing Task

Goal: Read and understand the writing task. Get started on an introduction and a thesis. Begin gathering evidence for the rest of my essay.


  1. Read
  2. Locate your extreme sports writing task document in your shared with me section of your Google Drive. (Do not make a copy of it.)
  3. Read through the writing task including the scoring guide at the end. 
  4. Choose the quote you want to work with (highlight it on your document) and begin your introduction. 
  5. Consider what pieces of evidence you want to use in the following paragraphs of your essay. 
The draft of your complete essay is due Tuesday 5/2 for peer review. The final draft is due Monday 5/8.


  • Finish reading book #9 by Tuesday. 
  • Friday 5/5 is the end of the grading period. Check your English Journal. Are you missing anything? Could any of your work be better? A little effort now can really help you later. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Socratic Seminar

Goal: A discussion that deepens our understanding of the risks and rewards of participating in Extreme Sports

Socratic Seminar

You need:
Your partner: One of you will begin in the inner circle and one of you will begin in the outer circle. You will switch when I ask you to.
Your Socratic Seminar Preparation document on paper.

Partner notes: 
On the BACK of your Socratic Seminar Prep doc write these things:
My name is....
My partner's name is...
Things my partner said that added to the discussion were...
Finish reading book #9 by 5/2 so you will be ready to prepare for our next "book review." Hint: it won't be a normal book review. You are reading right?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Finishing Socratic Seminar Prep

Goals: Quick write and finish Socratic Seminar preparation.

Quick Write
Socratic Seminar Prep

Quick Write:
Open your English Journal
Explain the quotation below in your own words.
Explain how it relates to extreme sports.
“Who dares nothing, need hope for nothing.”
-Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

Socratic Seminar Prep:
Our discussion will be tomorrow.
Finish your preparation doc and bring it with you to class tomorrow.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Visiting the Library

Goal: Visit the library to select books for our book challenge.

Book Challenge
Visit the Library

Book Challenge: 
You can still read whatever you want for your second book in THIS grading period. You should finish reading that second book for this grading period by Tuesday May 2nd.

But for the last six weeks of the school year you must select two books that fit one of the ten possible reading challenges.

If you already read a book that meets one of the challenges that's great, but you can't use it for this, so pick two new challenges.

We are going to the library today so that you can look for books that will help you meet your two reading challenges. You don't have to check them out today, but if you don't make sure you write down the titles and remember someone else may have already borrowed them when you go back.

The shorter version: 
Finish the book you have now by May 2.
Book review #9 will be different. Don't write it yet. I'll tell you more on 5/2.
Pick two books for reviews #10 and #11.
Those two new books MUST each fit one of the reading challenges.

Socratic Seminar will be TUESDAY next week. Finish your preparation document.
Call in your dramatic reading.
Return books you are done with.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Preparing for a Socratic Seminar

Goal: Understand the difference between open and closed questions. Write open ended questions about articles we have read in this unit.

Review articles and write questions
Socratic Seminar prep

On Monday we are going to have a Socratic Seminar discussion based on the readings in this unit. To prepare for that you will be looking closely at the articles we have read and considering three questions from the perspective of the people we have read about.

Socratic Seminar Prep:
  • I have your preparation doc for you on paper. 
  • If you would prefer a digital version you can make a copy HERE
  • You must have this completed to participate on on Monday. 
  • You will need your preparation document on paper this time. Print it or prepare using a paper copy from me. 
Keep reading. You will be doing an activity for book review #9. Don't write it. (Book review #8 was due yesterday.)
You can still call in your dramatic reading for extra points. Your next call-in will not be optional, so practicing now would be good. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Viewing and annotating Everest film

and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team
Caption from NASA: On Friday, April 26, 2014, an avalanche
on Mount Everest killed at least 13 Sherpa guides.
 NASA Terra spacecraft looked toward the northeast,
 with Mount Everest center, and Lhotse, the fourth-highest
 mountain on Earth, on the skylineto right center.
Goals: Looking at risk and rewards on a larger scale, while tracking ethos, logos, and pathos in a film.

Setting up our notes
Film viewing


  • Use tables in your English Journal to track a few things as we watch the film. 
  • Use a two column table to list risks and rewards you see mentioned in the film. 
  • Use a three row table to note examples of ethos, logos, and pathos in the film. 
  • I will show you examples in class. 

Viewing Questions:

  1.  What are some of the risks associated with climbing Mt. Everest?
  2. What are some of the rewards associated with climbing Mt. Everest?
  3.  Do you think the rewards outweigh the risks? Why/why not?
  4. How do the film makers use ethos, logos, and pathos to support their messages? 
Book review #8 due tomorrow. Make sure it is at the TOP of your Book Reviews Document. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

More practice explaining a quote and then more learning

Goal: Quick write and reading an article. 

Quick Write
Article to read

Quick Write: 
  1. Copy and paste the quote below into your English Journal. 
  2. Explain what it means in your own words. 
  3. Explain how it relates to extreme sports.
“I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.” -Jack London 
Article to read: 
Go to the link below. Login with Google. Let me know if you need the class code. Be sure to sign in with your Google Account. (Hint: Use the "Sign in with Google" button.)

Book review #8 is due IN your Book Reviews doc on Wednesday 4/19.
Friday 4/21 we visit the library for book check out. Bring your ID.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Reading to learn
Photo By: Mahatma4711 April 2006 CC
Goal: Building background knowledge.

Reading Progress
Quick write
Two articles to read

Reading Progress: 
Update me on the book you are reading and how it's going. CLICK HERE.

Quick Write: 
  • Open your English Journal
  • Quick Write: Look at the image on this post. Where do you think these people are? What are they doing? What are the risks and rewards of their experience?
Two articles to read: 

  • Go to and login with Google. (Be sure to use your account.)
  • Click on "Binder" and scroll down to find the TWO new articles assigned to you. 
  • Read BOTH. Take the quiz for BOTH. 
  • Choose ONE to write about in your English Journal. (1 paragraph summary, 1 paragraph reaction)

A few of you still need to make up your test from 3/24. I am here after school today if you want to come do that. Next week I'll be available Monday and Wednesday.
Call in your dramatic reading.
Bring back books.
Book review #8 due Wednesday 4/19.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Diving even deeper into ethos

Goal: More practice explaining a quotation and first read of "A Solemn Warning for Wingsuit Flyers"

Quick write
Reading Article #3

Quick write: 
Explain the quote below in your English Journal.
“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” -Rabindranath Tagore
Paste your explanation into (Room: PLHS)

Reading Article #3: 
Read "A Solemn Warning for Wingsuit Flyers" with your partner.
Use the "Say Something" protocol to talk about what you are reading as you read.
Look closely at the ethos in this article. Where do you find it?

Call in your dramatic reading.
Make up your test from 3/24 if you need to.
Book review #8 due 4/19.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How do we determine ethos?

Goal: Looking for ethos, pathos, and logos in our readings.

Quick write?
Close reading
Evaluating ethos.

Quick write:
Answer the question below in your English Journal.
How do you decide if you should believe something you read on the internet? 
Close reading:
Open your articles on extreme sports.
Lets look at "Extreme Sports Not About Risk Taking."
Also go to and join room PLHS.

Lets practice some more:
Go to "A Solemn Warning for Wingsuit Flyers"

Make ups after school today for people absent on 3/24.
Book review #8 due 4/19.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Charting the text

Goal: Looking closely at what the author is saying and doing in "Extreme Sports Not About Risk Taking: Study."

  1. Read
  2. Charting the text
Charting the Text: 

  • Charting means doing a close analysis of the article to see what the author is saying and doing. 
  • We use our graphic organizers to separate the literal meaning of each chunk of text from the rhetorical strategies the author is using.  
  • If you are absent you'll need to ask Mrs. R for the graphic organizer because we are doing this one on paper. 
  • Open your Google Doc with the articles for this unit. 
  • If you still need to make up the essay test from 3/24 you can come after school Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this week. 
  • You can still call in a dramatic reading from your book. See the tab above on this blog. 
  • Look for books at home that you need to return. 
  • You have book review #8 due on 4/19. (Just one.) 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Getting some of our unit readings read

Goals: Reading the first two articles in our unit readings using the Say Something protocol.

Review article #1
Read article #2

Review Article #1:
Last week I shared a doc with you that had four articles for our extreme sports unit.
On Thursday you started reading the first article about the camp for students with autism (Article #1)
Finish reading that article.

Read article #2: 
Use the Say Something protocol with your partner to read Article #2, Extreme Sports Not About Risk-taking.
As you read mark places in the article where you see examples of ethos, logos, and pathos.
It seems to work best if you highlight them in green, blue, and pink. Ethos, Logos, Pathos. (Those match the colors on our chart too.

Check in,
Check out books
Look ahead

Friday, April 7, 2017

Reading progress and AOW

Goals: Update Mrs. R about your reading progress and read an article on Newsela.

Reading Progress Survey
Article of the Week

1. Read: 10-15 minutes silent reading from your book.
Remember to return and/or check out the book you have now.
Read over the weekend. Next review due 4/19.

2. Reading Progress Survey: Complete the FORM.

3. Article of the week:

  1. Read the Newsela article assigned to you. 
  2. Login to Newsela with Google and look in your binder for this article pictured in this post. 
  3. This LINK might help you get to it faster. 
  4. Take the QUIZ that is next to the article in Newsela. It's only four questions. 
  5. WRITE in your English Journal about the article. One paragraph summary. One paragraph for what you think about what you read. 
4. Feeling done? 
  1. Check your English Journal. What can you finish or improve? 
  2. Check your Comparative Analysis essay (Cask/Night). If I've graded it, what do you need to revise? If I haven't graded it, what can you improve before it gets graded? 
  3. Read

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lets look at the readings for this unit

Goal: Preview the major texts for this unit and begin to think about how these authors express their point of view about their subject.

  1. Read
  2. Pre-read, preview the articles for this unit. Skim them all quickly. Look at the titles and a few topic sentences. ( I already shared the articles with you in Google Drive.)
  3. Before you read the articles too closely you and your partner need to work together to answer the questions in the colored boxes. Put your answers on THIS FORM. 
  4. Read the first article with your partner. 
  5. Use the "Say Something" strategy to stop and talk several times during your reading, not at the end. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Looking closer at extreme sports and risk taking

Goal: Going further into extreme sports and risk taking. Writing and viewing and writing more. 

  1. Read
  2. English Journal quick write
  3. Some partner work
Quick Write:
Explain the quote below and then write about the extent to which you agree or disagree with it.

“The proper function of man is to live, not exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.” -Jack London 

Partner Work: 
You will work with your partner on this next piece. 
Together you and your partner will complete THIS FORM based on the things I will show you in class.

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3


  1. If you need to make up the test from 3/24 you must do so during advisory/lunch or after school today. After today you'll have to wait until next week. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Would you do that?

Goals: Build some background for our next unit.

Quick write
Something unusual
Quick write again

1. Read, make sure your book is checked out to you. Your next book review will be due 4/19, so be sure you are reading every night at home too.

2. Quick write:
Open your English Journal.
Add a new entry for today and paste in the quote below.
Explain the quote below in your own words. Then explain how much you agree or disagree with it.
“Security is a kind of death.”  -Tennessee Williams 
3. Something unusual
If you have a smart phone get it out. Make sure you have the YouTube app.
Go to the blog with the browser on your phone then click the link above.
When it asks if you want to open the link with YouTube, say yes.
Play the video and then click the little mask icon to make it ready to put into the Google Cardboard.
Share with the people at your table.
We also looked at these two videos about bridge day. One, Two.

4. Quick write again:
Describe the things you saw and experienced today.
What did you think about them?
Would you try these things? Why or why not?

Monday, April 3, 2017

What's in a name?

Goals: Reading, a pre-assessment of your knowledge of rhetorical strategies and a close reading of a sign.

1. Read
2. Take a quick quiz to see what you already know about some common rhetorical strategies.

3. Read the sign below with your partner. 
What is the author trying to tell parents?
What is the author claiming?
How does the author support his/her claims?

Ready? Go to and join room PLHS.

Absent on 3/24? You missed an in class writing assignment/essay test. You have a zero for it in power school. You need to make it up.

Your options are:
1. Come after school. (See the chart by the door for available days.)
2. Come during period  2, 3, 5 or 6 if you won't be missing something in another class.
3. Come during advisory and plan to continue writing into lunch time.
You can't make it up during class time because you will miss instruction.

Friday, March 24, 2017

In Class Writing

Goal: On demand, in class, writing assessment.

Read when you finish your essay.

Our assessment: 
Earlier this week you read a poem and yesterday you read a short story. Today you will be writing an essay comparing them. I will give you the prompt in class.

Use THIS LINK to get back to the short story you read yesterday.
I'll pass back your annotated poem in class.

See Mrs. Roberts after spring break to make up this assessment. You'll probably need to do it after school unless another teacher is willing to let you miss a class.

Got a good book? 
Today is a really good day to make sure you have a good book (or two) to read over break.
You can also get the Overdrive app and connect it to your public library card to read ebooks and audiobooks for free.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A little assessment

Goal: Read some new texts so that you can write about them tomorrow.

Readings for assessment

New Text: 
  • I've shared a new story with you using GoFormative. 
  • Be sure to click on the green and blue boxes as you read to get more information and answer some questions. If you can't answer a question go back and re-read until you can answer the question. 
  • Click HERE to go to the story. (Let me know if you need help getting access.)
  • If you want to use the older (more reliable) version of GoFormative click HERE
Essay Coming Soon:
In our next class you will be writing essays in class comparing this story to the poem you read yesterday.


  • You can still call in your dramatic reading. 

Spring break is a great time to catch up or get ahead 
on reading a book you enjoy. 
Do you have a good book to read over break?