Monday, April 30, 2012

The Beginning

Good morning,

Today we begin something new, something different, something you can make into whatever you need it to be.   START HERE.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Writing Prompts and Persuasive Letters

Good Morning,

We have a prioritized "To Do" list today. Attack these tasks IN THIS ORDER!

1. Persuasive on-demand writing assessment:  Down load the prompt here.  You can write your response on paper or on the computer, but you must turn in a hard copy to me before you leave today.

2. Print your persuasive letter and works cited page and turn them in.
  •  I HIGHLY recommend letting me look at this before you print it.  
  • Click the print icon in docs. 
  • Say OK to open the PDF. 
  • Scroll through the PDF yourself looking for problems. 
  • When you think it is perfect bring it to me. 
  • Quietly, people are working.
3. Address a label that will go on the envelope with your letter.
4. Write a review in Goodreads.  You need two for April by Monday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Citations, Citations, Citations

Good morning,

Your letters are coming along nicely. I'm worried about your "works cited" page.

  1. Open your persuasive letter.
  2. At the bottom of your letter insert a page break. (Insert/Page Break or Control+Enter)
  3. At the top of your new page you need a complete heading, Name, Date, Period
  4. Write "Works Cited" at the top of the page. (center it)
  5. Add your sources in MLA citation format.  Example MLA page.
  6. Format your citations using CitationMachine or EasyBib or Citelighter.
  7. Remember to cite EVERY article or source you read even if you did not mention that source in your letter.

I've decided to separate your grades for this project, one grade for your letter and another for your works cited page.
An example citation. Yours might be a little different.

Friday, April 20, 2012

We Need Postage!

There wasn't much to post this week.  Students were making their fabulous persuasive speeches every day. Extra time went to drafting and writing groups. On Thursday we watched the live feed of the Dalai Lama speaking at SDSU.  His talk covered themes about compassion, responsibility, respect, honesty and non-violence.  It was the best character education lesson ever.  (I got to hear him speak live Wednesday afternoon at USD, so I had a preview of what he would be saying.)

Next week we will have a modified schedule for three days because of testing.  Persuasive letters will be finalized by Thursday or Friday.  We will be mailing them, so we need stamps.  There is a tiny bit of extra credit for students who bring in an extra stamp for a classmate who needs one.

Also, the grading period ends next Friday.  Student GPAs on this progress report will determine which freshmen are eligible for the hour lunch on advisory schedule days.  Fall eligibility will be determined by June grades and CST scores, so do the best you can on the tests next week and the week after.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Presentations / Articles / Articulation

  1. Presentations
  2. Articles (cont from yesterday)
  3. Articulation Info: Tomorrow (Friday the 13th) we will be meeting in the back of the library. The counselors will be giving you a presentation about classes for next year and you will go on-line to pick the classes you want to take. (This would be a very bad day to be absent.)
Do you know yet who you are writing to for your persuasive letter?
Create a doc for your letter. (Name it correctly 3NamePersuasiveLetter.)
And share it with me.
 A complete draft of your letter is due Tuesday 4/17.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Presentations and Citation Circles Continued

Good morning,

We will continue with presentation and then complete the citation circles sheet we began working on yesterday.  

Then you have an article to read with a partner to prepare for our next citation circle activity.  The articles are shared with you already in your view only folder. I'll let you know which one you are responsible for in a moment. (If you are absent today and working from home you may choose one of the three articles to read.)  Use File/Make a copy to create your own editable version of the article. You and your partner should share a co-annotate the article together.

As you read the article the first time with you partner we will use the "Say Something" protocol.
On your second read consider these questions:
  • Who is the author and what is his or her perspective?
  • What claims does the author make?
  • What sub-claims and evidence does the author use?
  • Does the author offer an opposing viewpoint and a counter argument? (If so what are they?)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Speeches and Citation Circles

Do Now:
Write about a problem you feel we have at PLHS. Be specific about the causes and solutions to this problem. (This is getting you ready for something we will be doing in a few minutes.)

We will begin with presentations. You will need to rubric link on the right. >>>

We will conclude with an activity called Citation Circles.  You will need this document to take part in that activity. (We are saving trees again.)

When we are done you will upload the file to me. You can use the link on the right that says, "Upload a File to Mrs. R." or click here.  You will need the password. I'll give you a hint. If you go to PLHS then you are a ___________.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Presentation Week

Good morning, week we begin presentations on your persuasive topics. If you forgot your date check the blog posts below this one. 

If you are not presenting today you will have some time to work on your speech.  Check out the Persuasive Speech Organization Page for ideas. Pick one and paste it into your own document to start working on it.