Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Our Academic Honesty Policy

Goals: Learn more about the academic honesty policy of our school and share your opinion on the topic.

Study the PLHS Academic Honesty Policy
Take a quiz on the policy
Share your opinion

Your Opinion: (After we take the quiz please.)
Please complete THIS FORM about your opinion.

Absent? I'll post a homework version of the quiz later for your additional practice.

Take home your novel project by the end of the day Thursday.
Finish reading book #10 by Thursday.

Deadlines to remember:
June 5th: Return all PLHS Library books.
June 6th: Finish book #11. Book reviews that day.
June 7th: Bring all textbooks for textbook return.
See calendar at the bottom of this page for finals schedule.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Academic Honesty Jigsaw

Goals: Further reading and discussion about issues of academic honesty.

Read an article with your group.
Share out what you read about with a different group.

Reading an article: 

  • With your group read and discuss your assigned article. 
  • Be sure you can talk about: 
  1. A brief summary of the article including the author's position. 
  2. Several important details, including any that seemed new or surprising. 
  3. Any issues or disagreements you have with the author's position or data. 




SOURCE 4 (POPE) Orange



Explaining your article: 
I'll re-group you and you need to explain the article you read.
You will also hear about several other articles.
Take notes in your English Journal about new and interesting information. Write down the source in case you need to reference/cite this information later.

Get our Data: 
Click HERE to get your copy of our survey data.
Look through the slides and add your thoughts in the slide notes.
Use the sentence frames HERE to write about the data in the slide notes.


  1. Finish book #10 by this Thursday 5/25.
  2. Last day to return PLHS library books is 6/5.
  3. Finish book #11 by 6/6.
  4. We return textbooks on 6/7. (Bring all your books for all of your classes. If you need to keep a book to study for a final that's fine. That book is due the day of that final.)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Looking closely at infographic data

Goal: Examine an infographic and draw conclusions from the data.

Reading Progress Update
Examine an infographic
Writing about data.

Reading progress update: Click HERE.

Examine an Infographic: 

  • In an increasingly visual world data is now often packaged and presented in "infographics."
  • Read through the infographic below.
  • What data stands out to you?
  • This infographic is based on this article. Which is more helpful to you?
  • What are the pros and cons of using infographics?

Writing about data: 

  1. Open your English Journal.
  2. Write 10 factual statements based on data from the infographic below.
  3. Use the sentence frames from THIS PAGE if they help you.
  4. Discuss your facts at your table.
  5. Pick your five favorites.

Cheating in the digital age
Courtesy of:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Poetry Slam and Making Up Work

Block days are fun aren't they? 

Monday and Tuesday most of my students did the California Healthy Kids Survey. 
Wednesday and Thursday most of my classes have been attending our annual Poetry Slam. (Some students have stayed in class with Ms. Love to make up missing work.)

Exception: Period 2 on Thursday there is no Poetry Slam for us to attend, so we get to try something new. (Some students will be working on missing work instead of the new thing.)

Red: Make up work. Ms. Love made you a list of your most critical items. 
Orange: Click HERE
Yellow: Click HERE
Green: Click HERE
Blue: Click HERE
Purple: Click HERE

Finish reading book #10 by THURSDAY 5/25. 
Call in your Extreme Sports Essay if you haven't already done that. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

CA Healthy Kids Survey

Goal: Take the California Healthy Kids Survey
  1. Read. 
  2. Take the Healthy Kids Survey. CLICK HERE (I'll give you the access code in class. You can not take the survey if you are absent.)
  3. When you finish read your book or work on something from the list below. 
Things to do when you are done: 
  • Did you finish charting the text in your EJ from last week? 
  • Did you answer the reflection questions at the end of your Extreme Sports essay? 
  • Did you self score your English Journal on Wednesday? 
  • Did you complete the article of the week assignment on Tuesday? Including writing in your English Journal about one of the articles? 
  • Have you called in your Extreme Sports essay? 
  • Is your book checked out? 
  • Do you have a parent survey to turn in?