Monday, December 10, 2018

Unscrambling a Précis

Goal: Learn how to create a rhetorical précis.

Reading Progress Update
Learn what a rhetorical précis is.
Play unscramble the précis


2. Rhetorical Précis:
"A Rhetorical Précis, pronounced (pray-see), is a summary or abstract of a work. The Rhetorical Précis has a rigidly specific format.... It is important that you follow the format carefully. This is not an easy task. But it is a crucial step towards building critical reading ability...." (

Unscrambling a Precis: 

  1. Use THIS LINK to get a copy of a doc with a rhetorical précis. (Do not share it.)
  2. The sentences on this doc are out of order. 
  3. Rearrange them until you have a correct précis. 
  4. Note: Our example chart has FOUR sentences, but the précis you will unscramble has FIVE. Decide which two sentences should be combined and re-write them into one sentence. 
  5. Copy and paste your CORRECTED précis into your English Journal. (You will need it as an example for writing one on your own soon.)
  • Be sure your corrected précis is pasted into your English Journal, dated 12/10/18.
  • Keep reading. You should be on Book #5 by now.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Charting the Text of Undercover Parent

Goal: Close analysis of Undercover Parent using the Charting the Text strategy for the first time.

Learn about charting a text
Charting Undercover Parent with your group

Charting the text
  • Charting a text helps us understand the text better and shows us the structure of the argument.
  • Well educated readers can separate what the author is saying from what the author is doing.
  • This will not be easy at first. The struggle is worth it. 
  1. Open your copy of Undercover Parent in Google Drive. 
  2. I'll give your group your charting organizers on paper. (Yes, I said the P word.)
  3. Work together on each section. You need to talk it out. 
  4. For each section determine what the author is saying first, then what he is doing. (Do not move on to the next chunk until you have finished saying and doing for the one before it.)
  5. Since you are new at this I filled in some of the boxes for you to help you figure it out. Read them. 
  6. We are doing this one on paper, so if you are absent you will need to see Mrs. Roberts or Ms. Daniel for instructions and materials. 
  7. Yes, you are turning this in today before you leave. Write your name and period on it. 
  • Your homework is to read daily, even if you are "ahead." 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

SOAPSTone for Undercover Parent

Goal: Our first SOAPSTone, learning a piece of rhetorical analysis

SOAPSTONE with a partner

S - Subject / topic / issue of the text
O - Occasion - what is the context of the text? Consider time period, relevant events, and issues current to the text.
A - Audience who is this written for? How do you know?
P - Purpose - why did the author write this? What is his/her goal?
S - Speaker - who is Coben? How do you know? What else can you find out?
T- Tone - sarcastic, humble, bitter, convinced, unsure, reasonable, angry, immature, educated?

Open the Undercover Parent article we shared with you on Wednesday.
With your partner complete the SOAPSTone FORM.  

(If you are absent you'll have to work on it on your own.)

  • Be sure any books you have from our classroom library are checked out to you. Don't forget, you can use the QR code scanner on your phone to scan the QR codes posted around the classroom. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

First Read of Undercover Parent

Goals: First reading of Undercover Parent using the "Say Something" protocol

Learn about the "Say Something" protocol
First read of Undercover Parent

1. First Read of Undercover Parent: 
  • This text is shared with you in Google Classroom. Go there to get your copy. 
  • You will read this text with a partner and use the "Say Something" protocol to check your thinking and understanding with each other as you go.
2. English Journal: 
Write a response about "Undercover Parent" using the same TWO paragraph structure we use in our Articles of the Week. (First paragraph summarize what you read. Second paragraph share what you think about what you read.) 

  • Be sure your two paragraph response to "Undercover Parent" is complete in your English Journal. Start off this new 6-week English Journal strong! 
  • Keep reading. You should be on Book #5 (or more).

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Four Corners Discussion

Goal: Explore our initial thoughts and opinions relating to teens and the internet

Review Survey Responses
Four Corners Discussion
English Journal Response

Four Corners Discussion: 
Move to the corner of the room that best represents your thoughts about the statement.

English Journal Response:
Open your English Journal and write a response about what you're thinking when it comes to teens and internet privacy. What slides did you have the strongest reaction to?


  • Do you have a list of books you want to read? Book #5 and Book #6 must be finished before the end of January. 
  • Remember to check out your books and return books you have finished. 
  • Period 4 - do you have your film release forms?