Friday, November 17, 2017

Finishing, progressing, assessing

This one's for you Amy. 
Goals: Update your progress, evaluate your skills, give and get feedback.

Reading Progress Update
Formative Assessment
Finish AOW from yesterday


2. Complete this FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT for our next unit. 

3. Finish your AOW paragraphs from yesterday. 

4. Something fun (I think):

  1. Go to and read the announcement about peergrade. 
  2. Join peergrade and paste your AOW paragraphs from yesterday into the assignment. 
  3. Review the work of three classmates and see the feedback your classmates gave you. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fabulous Summary Skills

Goal: Mastering the art of summary.

Self Score English Journal
Summary Example
Read and Write

1. Self Score your English Journal (5 minutes)
  1. Open your English Journal
  2. Review the English Journal Scoring Guide
  3. Determine how you would score your English Journal. 
  4. PASTE this sentence below into the TOP of your English Journal and be sure it is complete. 
November 16, 2017 Self Score:        
I believe I have earned a ______ <<(Your score 1-5) on my English Journal because_______________________ _______________ <<(Your reasons you think you earned that score.) 
2. Summary Example:
  • We noticed in your previous AOW assignments that most of you could use some help writing better summaries. 
  • Review the example below and see how it fits with the summary frame pictured below. 

3.  Read a new AOW and write about it: 
  1. Read THIS ARTICLE assigned to you in Newsela. (sign in with Google.) 
  2. Time yourself. It should take you 3-7 minutes to read this article. (I timed myself reading it carefully and it took me two minutes and three seconds.)
  3. Open your EJ and use the summary frame in this picture to write a paragraph about what you just read. 
  4. Write a second paragraph about what you think about the article. Would you want to try something like this with your family members? 
Something new, Lets try this:
Enter the code I give you. 
Paste in your summary. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Unit Test

Goal: Taking a unit test about the things we learned while reading novels.

Take the test
Finish your review of your group novel.
Read while others finish

Unit Test: 
  • This TEST is designed to assess your ability to apply the concepts from this unit.
  • It has an entry code. You will definitely have to be in class to take the test. 
  • Answer every question the best you can. 
  • If you would like a paper copy of the story on the test ask me for one. 
  • If you are absent you will have a 0 until you make up this test. 
Finish your book review:

  • Your review of your group novel should be done by now. 
  • It's the one on that yellow Google Doc I sent you. 
  • You had almost the whole period yesterday to work on it. 
  • Make sure you have a very good book. Don't like your book? Ask for help finding a better one. 
  • Be sure to CHECK OUT every book you take home. Yes, you can borrow more than one at a time. 
  • Finish your review of your group novel. I begin grading those tonight.
  • Finish the work in your English Journal. We grade those tomorrow. 
  • Be sure you have a good book to read for Book #4 (or #5)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Catch up day

Goals: Catch up on any missing work and make sure you are ready for the test on Wednesday.

Catch Up

Things to be SURE you are done with:

  1. Review of Book #3: You started this in your Book Review Doc on Wednesday last week. Tip: look at the blog post below from Wednesday if you need help on this review. It is due today. 
  2. English Journal: Have you completed all of your entries in your EJ? The chart picture lists all the work you should have there for this unit. Making sure this work is complete will help you prepare for the test tomorrow. 
Prepare for your test: 
The test Wednesday will ask you to read a short story (less than 2 pages) and then answer questions about:
  • Characterization
  • Internal and external conflict
  • Setting and imagery
  • Sensory Details 
  • Diction (word choice)
  • Connotation and Denotation
  • Plot
  • Theme
Example question types: 
What does the setting tell you about the character? 
Which word from the story has the most positive connotation?
Which of the following is part of the exposition of the story? 
Which of these is an internal conflict for the character? 
There are 10-20 questions on the test. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Review and Catch Up

You checked out your book right? 
Goal: Review and catch up.


  • You are reading book #4 (or more).
  • You have a good book that you want to read ready for Thanksgiving break.
  • You have checked out these books if you borrowed them from our classroom. 

Concepts to Review: 
During our Reading the Novel unit we covered a lot of concepts. Today we will review those concepts and Wednesday you will show that you can apply them.

The test Wednesday will ask you to read a short story and then answer questions about:
  • Characterization
  • Internal and external conflict
  • Setting and imagery
  • Sensory Details 
  • Diction (word choice)
  • Connotation and Denotation
  • Plot
  • WEDNESDAY. The test is WEDNESDAY. 
  • Theme
Let's Review: 

  1. Go to and I'll give you the code to join our practice session.
  2. If you want to play again at home click the link above and use code (460074)

Catch Up: 

  1. Is your book review of the group novel finished? 
  2. It should be done or almost done. 
  3. Check your English Journal. Are ALL of your assignments complete?