Monday, May 18, 2020

Wrapping up your famous person project

Welcome back!

Did you know this is a short week? Technically, Friday is not a school day according to our school calendar. This means I have to turn in my attendance on THURSDAY, so do the WEEKLY ATTENDANCE FORM right now.

1. Take this TEST:
I'm getting lots of questions about the spring lexile test. I know you have been reading, so here is your chance to show off your progress. This is the same test you took in September and January. You will find a new assignment for this in Google Classroom. Please mark it as done when you have finished your test. If you have a problem let me know. If you start and have to stop you can pick it up again later.

2. Finish your Project:
Your famous person project is still technically due on Friday 5/22. You can turn it in late though. Just remember to click "TURN IN" or I won't know you are done and I won't grade it.

3. Check your grades:
Speaking of grades, If you turned in your Suspenseful Moments essay on time last week, it should have a grade in PS. If not, please go check your document for a note from me. You may need to revise and turn it in again.

4. Keep reading:
If you need help with book suggestions please message me on Remind. You know how I love to make book recommendations.

Monday, May 11, 2020

The Famous Person Project

Welcome Back!

I won't release your attendance form for this week until Tuesday, but if you want to prove you were here today, you can complete a READING PROGRESS UPDATE.

This week we begin your second, graded, distance learning, project. It's about a famous person of your choice. You can find the project steps doc in Google Classroom and you should watch the video version of the directions HERE.

On Tuesday, I'll make your ATTENDANCE FORM live for this week, but you will want to make some progress on your project first. That way you'll be able to tell me how great you are doing, and also ask me questions about the project when you fill out the form.

For this project you are doing an analysis of the way a famous person of your choice is presented in various media.

A few important due dates: (These are also all in Google Classroom.)

  1. Attendance form for this week is due by 12:30 PM on Friday May 15th. 
  2. The Quizizz for this project is also due Friday May 15th by 3:00 PM. 
  3. The Famous Person Media Organizer is due by Monday May 18th at 4:00 PM. (If you do it after that, I probably won't grade it. It's a progress grade. You have a week. Don't procrastinate.)
  4. Your analysis: essay or screencast, is due Friday May 22nd at 4:00 PM
  5. Office hours with Mrs. R. are Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4 PM. Stop by. Link in Google Classroom. 
  • Turn in your Suspenseful Moments Essay in Google Classroom if you didn't last week. Yes, you have to actually click turn in on your document and then again in Google Classroom. I won't grade it if it isn't turned in because I'll think you're not done yet. 
  • Keep reading. Your independent reading requirement has not gone away. 
  • Hang on to any books you borrowed from our classroom. I promise I will let you know how you can bring them back later. 
  • Email or message me on Remind if you have questions or want to meet. 

Monday, May 4, 2020

Greetings my young padawan...

Welcome back,

1. Please do the ATTENDANCE FORM for the week of May 4th. Do this by 3:00 on Friday 5/8 or I have to mark you absent for the week. You ONLY have to do the form ONCE each week.

2. You should be making great progress on your SUSPENSEFUL MOMENTS book project. See Google Classroom or the post below for more information.
All parts of your project are due by 5/8, but you can turn them in early too.

3. Office Hours: Mrs. R will have optional office hours on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-4:00 PM. (I had to change them slightly because of a staff meeting.) You will find the zoom link in Google Classroom. (It will be posted just before the hour.) Office hours are for students to stop by to say hello and ask questions. They are not required, but I do love getting to see you.

If you have some spare time, and want to watch some of the Star Wars saga, this graphic may help you orient yourself. May the force be with you.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Suspenseful Moments Book Project

Welcome Back!

1. Learn more about your suspenseful moments book project by watching THIS VIDEO. Then go over to Google Classroom to review the project assignment. Many of you already have a head start on this because you were doing the things I asked you to do last week. The whole project, all the parts, and the essay, is due by Friday May 8th. If you need more time please let me know, but I think two weeks should be plenty of time. Get started today.

2. Please do the ATTENDANCE FORM for THIS WEEK. I have to mark you absent on Friday if you haven't done the attendance form by 3:00 PM on 5/1. You only have to do this ONCE a week. If you already did it for this week you don't have to fill it out again. (If the last attendance form you did was LAST week then you need to do this one.)

We are beginning the grading phase of our distance learning experiment. If you are not familiar with the "no harm" grading policy please see the post below.

Office Hours: Mrs. R will have optional office hours on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00-3:00 PM. You will find the zoom link in Google Classroom. (It will be posted just before the hour.) Office hours are for students to stop by to say hello and ask questions. They are not required.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Week of 4/20

Welcome back
I hope you are reading a good suspenseful book. Next week I'll be assigning your first distance learning project and it will be a lot easier for you to do if you have already read a good suspenseful book.

Do you understand the "no harm" grading policy? 
I have a PDF of your grade from what it was as of work submitted by 3/13. This includes your Poe/Laughton essay that was due on 3/13. Those are graded and the scores are in Power School. (You can revise and request a regrade if you want to.) So, your grade in Power School today is the lowest your grade can be in June.

It is not true that grades can ONLY go up. Between now and June your grade can go up and down. If you don't do your assignments, or do them poorly, your grade can go down. In June though, I will compare the grade you have in Power School to the grade you have right now. The grade you earn then will be the higher of those two grades.

For example, if you have a C now and you do your work well, your grade could go up and stay up. If you don't do your work now your grade will go down, and then in June I will change it back to a C.

Your grade right now is the lowest grade you can earn in June, but you may see your grade rise or fall between now and then.


Please complete the ATTENDANCE form for THIS WEEK. (You only have to do it once this week.)

Class Assignments:
Monday: Go you your English Journal and add a new entry at the top with today's date. Write an entry about what you think about the "no harm" grading policy. How will it help you or hurt you? What impact do you think it will have on your learning? Do you think it is a good idea or not?

Tuesday: Want a head start on your suspense book project? Start organizing your evidence. (You don't have to do it all today, but get started.) Get a copy of the organizer here. Share it with your teachers.

Wednesday: Most of you still need to create your suspense organizer with the link from Tuesday. Remember to share it with me at Also be sure you did the attendance form for this week linked above. You only have to do it once a week, but if you don't do it by 3pm Friday I have to mark you absent for the whole week.

Thursday: Lets get an update on your reading progress. FILL OUT THIS FORM about your reading. Also, do you remember that last week I gave you a practice Quizizz about suspense? Next week I'm going to give you that same quiz for a grade. Want to PRACTICE some more?

Friday: New discussion question assigned to you in Google Classroom. Go there to answer it. And while you are there fill out the email request form, if you didn't already, to have your email turned on.