Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dialog Challenges

Goal: Adding dialog, and formatting it like a boss.

Reading Progress Form
Dramatic Reading Assignment
Dialog challenge #1
Dialog challenge #2

Reading Progress Form:

Dramatic Reading Assignment:
See the tab above for more information on this assignment. Due by 9:00 PM Friday.

Dialog challenge #1
  1. Copy and paste the text below into your English Journal. 
  2. With your partner discuss how you would correctly format this dialog. You probably need to add some paragraph breaks and punctuation. 
Well, why were you down at the swimming pool anyway? my mom asked as she pulled the dripping carton of eggs out of the shopping bag. I told you I need to get in shape before the swim team tryouts. Damn half these eggs are broken. But sweetie, you know that kids under 13 aren’t allowed at the pool without an adult. Why didn’t you ask your father or I to go with you. Because you guys are busy and if I wait for you to take me it will get later and the pool will get more crowded with adults who want to swim laps and I just don't like sharing a lane with some hairy dude in a speedo. Honey, the lifeguards know you are under 13 and they will be watching for you. They just aren’t going to let you swim there. I’m sorry, but we need a better solution.
Dialog Challenge #2
  1. Add dialog to your memoir. 
  2. You don't need to remember the actual words anyone said. You can write what you think they said or what you think they probably said.  
  3. Also try to avoid using the word SAID over and over. Here are 200 words you can use instead of said. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

First Draft Memoir

Goal: Writing the first draft of your memoir.

Release forms
Writing small
How to access your writing prompt
Writing time

Release forms:
You are taking home some photo/video release forms I need back asap.

Writing Small: 

  • A short memoir should be about a single incident. 
  • The focus should be on one event. 
  • You can include a before and after, but keep the focus on the main event. 
  • Let me show you some examples.

Writing prompt:
  1. A Google Doc for you to write your memoir has already been shared with you!
  2. Go to Drive.google.com, and look in the "shared with me" section. 
  3. Open the Doc called (period, name, memoir prompt.) Add it to your drive. 
  4. DO NOT make a copy of the document. (If it already has your name on it you don't need to make a copy.) You don't need to share it with your teachers either. We already have it. 
Writing time: 
  • You may listen to music, but not from your Chromebook. Streaming music slows down the network for everyone else. (Also, if you aren't getting writing done, or if anyone else can hear your music, then your music privilege goes away fast.)
  • You may not talk. Writing requires concentration. Please respect your classmates need for a quiet writing space
  • Write a complete draft, beginning, middle, and end. If you finish early go back through your writing and continue adding details, dialog, and descriptions. 
  • You may write about something you already started writing about in your English journal, but write it fresh. Don't copy paste from your EJ. First see how you write the story today. Later you can look back at your EJ to see what you might still want to add. 
  • Finish your draft. It does not need to be perfect (yet). It does need to be the whole story. 
  • Read: You should have completed your first book by now. You need to finish your second book by 10/4/16. (That's sooner than you think.)
  • Open House is Thursday, October 5th. Tell your parents. 
  • Return your photo/video release forms tomorrow. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Generating Memoir Ideas

And that's when I became the middle child. 
Goal: Generating ideas for memoir writing.

4 Quadrants
More Writing

Four Quadrants: (That's redundant isn't it?)
  1. Open your English Journal
  2. Add today's date at the TOP. (not under your other work.)
  3. Go to Table/Insert Table and choose 2x2. Two squares high and two squares wide. 
  4. Add numbers and make your table look like the one pictured below. 
  5. In EACH box write 3-4 events, big or small, that happened in your life during those years. 
English Journal Writing: 

  • Write for ten minutes about one of the events you listed in your chart, or an event you listed while you were relating to the memoirs we read this week. 
  • Include details about who, where, when, why. 
  • Include information about emotions, (yours and others), events, and your reflection. 
  • Do you still feel the same way about this event now as you did then? 
  • What did this event teach you about life?
  • Tell the story, use what you remember, guess about the details you can't quite recall.

My teacher wants me to write for ten minutes? Seriously? 

Quick Memoir Form: 
Fill out THIS FORM before you leave today.
It just asks what you think you might write your memoir about. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Close reading and group discussion

Goal: Close read and discussion of the memoir we read yesterday.

Group discussion
Group presentations

Get a copy of the text we are using today HERE. (You will need to be logged in to your stu.sandi.net account to get the text.)

Group Discussion: Part 1
  • With your group have a discussion about the two questions from the text assigned to your group. 
  • Be prepared to explain those answers to the class. 
  • You must include evidence from the text to support your explanation. Be able to point to the sentence or two that proves your explanation about the answer is the most correct. 
Find your group # and the questions you are responsible for discussing. 
Group 1: 2 and 6
Group 2: 6 and 1
Group 3: 5 and 3
Group 4: 7 and 1
Group 5: 3 and 8
Group 6: 1 and 2

NEXT: Part 2
  • Looking at the text again, what is it really about? What is the author's experience? 
  • What is your closest similar experience? 
  • Add a row to the table in your EJ with this information. (You know the table you started on Tuesday.)
Finish reading your first book asap.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

One more memoir reading

Goal: Reading one more memoir.

Books out, lets make those pages fly by.

Reading a new Memoir: 

  • I've assigned a new memoir to you in GoFormative
  • Be sure you sign in with Google. 
  • You will only be able to access this reading if you have already joined our Google Classroom for your period. 
  • Please ask for help if you aren't able to get to the reading. 
  • Remember each numbered blue square is a question. Answer them as you read. 
  • Finish reading for homework if you run out of time in class. 
  • Keep reading. You should be finishing your first book this week!
  • Do you need to work on your six word memoir? Check Google Classroom. If you see a circle with 1/1 you are done. If not you probably need to do some work and resubmit. 
  • Do you need to finish something in your English Journal?