Independent Reading Expectations

Students need to read two books per grading period (every six weeks).
The books are free choice, though it should be a quality book appropriate for school reading.
We have lots of books to choose from in our classroom. Students are welcome to borrow them, just be sure to check them out using the button on the right >>>

We read every day in class for 10-15 minutes.
Students should also be reading at home 15-20 minutes daily as their English homework.
Independently reading in a book you enjoy is an excellent way to build vocabulary, reading speed, and stamina.


  • Assessments of independent reading vary. Sometimes we write book reviews (see picture below, and example here), sometimes we present about a book we loved, sometimes we answer some questions about our books in a form. 
  • It's always a good idea to make some notes about a book you finish in case you need to refresh your memory later. 
  • Also, you will complete several reading progress updates about the books you are currently reading. It helps a lot if you are reading the same book at home and at school. 
  • And, not to sound creepy, but we do observe you while you read sometimes. If you aren't focused on reading in class and you aren't making progress in your book, then it's pretty obvious that you also aren't reading at home. 

Book list: 

  • Click HERE to get a copy of a spreadsheet you can use to keep a list of books you have read this year. 
  • This  list is for YOU. You can share it with your teachers if you want to (and/or if we ask you to), but mostly it is for you to keep track of your own books. 

Recommended Books: 
We are always happy to help you find books that are right for you.
You can also find a list of books recommended by our former students HERE.
Some books are on the list more than once. That means they were recommended more than once.

We may ask you to join Goodreads, a social network about books.
On Goodreads you can add books you are reading, books you want to read and also post reviews of books you have read.
By adding friends on Goodreads you can see what your friends are reading and they will see your updates too.

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  1. I love this idea. I'm trying to adjust it to 3rd graders. We'll see how it works.