Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Essays due today


TWO book reviews are due on WEDNESDAY March 5th. That is next week.

Comparative Analysis Essays are due TODAY.
I have already given you a progress grade for completion of your essay, but many of them need some work still.

To Do

  1. Open your essay document. 
  2. Add a heading in the upper left corner. Name, Date Period
  3. Give your essay a title, center it, capitalize it correctly.
  4. Be sure your whole essay is left justified, all in the same (easy to read) font, and all the same size (12). 
  5. Trade computers with a partner. Have him/her read and then score your essay.
  6. When you get it back score your own essay. 
  7. Below the rubric write a reflection about your essay. What do you feel you did well and what did you learn from writing this assignment? What would you do differently next time?
Your essay is due today, but you may continue to work on it. I will be grading them this weekend. I start with those that have not been edited recently. 

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