Call In Your Assignment


  • Choose a dramatic (exciting) passage from the book you are currently reading or the one you just read. 
  • Practice reading that passage several times. 
  • Call me and read your passage to my voice mail. (You are leaving a message.)
  • The number to call is 858-633-6726. I promise I will not answer it. The call will go straight to voicemail and you can leave your message. 
  • If you do NOT hear my voice on the outgoing message then you called the wrong number. 
  • You can use the phone in our classroom if you need to. 
  • If you make a mistake keep going. (Do not quit and call back, just keep going.)
  • Practice before you call. 
  • Make your reading 2-3 minutes long. 
  • At 3 minutes the recording cuts off. Do not call back. 
  • Use the script below. 
This is _____(state your name)____ from period _(period number)_.
I will be reading from ____(book title)___ by___(book author)___.
This part takes place... (Give a one sentence summary of the context.)
(Read your passage.)

I will award up to 10/10 point for calls made before 9:00 PM on 9/22.
You can earn up to 9/10 after if you call after 9/22 and before 9:00 PM on 9/25.
Calls after 9/25 will earn up to 8 points.
This grade goes in the speaking/listening category in Power School.

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