Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How do I understand a poem?

DO NOW: (Answer in your writer's notebook.)
How do I read and understand a poem?

Luis J. Rodriguez
Good morning,  Yesterday you participated in a diagnostic assessment to see how well you can read, comprehend, analyze, and compare two texts. It was challenging for you, I know. During this unit on comparative analysis we are going to work on those skills. For a few days we will be doing this with poetry, then short stories for a few weeks and then film.

Today we will be reading this poem and using this organizer.  I have hard copies of the organizer because I want you to turn it in today. I have some hard copies of the poem too if you prefer that.

Go back to your writer's notebook near the end of the period. What is your personal reaction to the poem?

Homework: Independent reading, complete at least two paragraph length book reviews (for books you read since September) in Goodreads by January 24th.

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