Friday, March 9, 2012

Debating the issue

Do Now:
What have you learned from reading/analyzing "I Have a Dream"? Consider both your learning about the content of the speech and your learning about persuasive rhetoric.
 Civilized society depends on educated individuals being able to discuss and debate their differences in a reasonable and rational manner. Last week you wrote about the issue of backpack and locker searches. Today we will look more closely at your arguments for and against that (hypothetical) policy. Be prepared to adjust, revise or reinforce your reasons and logic as we proceed.

Homework: Write a paragraph about the debate we had in class today. You can include which side you agree with, but make sure you explain which side had the STRONGER argument and WHY you think that.  Due Monday ON PAPER.

Alternate Homework for people not in class today: Some of you were absent from class for a field trip and some for other reasons. Obviously you can't write about the debate we had if you were not here. Respond to this prompt instead:  If Dr. King (or someone like him) were giving an "I Have A Dream" speech today what do you think he or she would be speaking about? What would the issue be? What would the claim and sub-claim be?

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