Monday, March 26, 2012

Speaking Persuasively

Do Now:
Over the weekend you should have completed the "Big Picture" version of your community issue. Take out that sheet and summarize it in a paragraph in your writer's notebook.  Add notes to yourself about any information you still need.

You are preparing to write a persuasive letter about a community issue, but you need to be able to talk about the issue before you can really write about it. This week we are going to look at some students presenting short persuasive speeches about issues they have researched. After our spring break you will be giving a short talk about your issue.

Persuasive Speech Assignment

Here is the link to the persuasive speech I showed you in class today. (The one where you took notes about what she did well and what she needed to do better with.)  The link will work on campus and you should be able to watch the embedded video below at home.

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