Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last day of class :(

Good morning,

You #1 and #2 are required tasks today.

1. Write a letter to one of my future students, an incoming freshmen.  Include advice about this class and high school in general. Be specific. Include your name. If the new student can find you in the fall and you come visit me together I'll give you some candy or something.  (If you know you won't be here in the fall it would be good to tell them that too.) Type it in word or docs and print it out. I MUST have yours before you leave.

2. Write a letter to yourself in September. Use to send an email to your future self. Include things you think you might forget, (not passwords), or advice you want to use to help you do well in 10th grade. Set your future letter to arrive on September 4, 2012.   Be sure to check your email TODAY to verify your address for to work for the fall.

3. If you have time evaluate some of the projects you didn't see yesterday here. I could use a little more feedback from you about projects that are highlighted in lavender.

4. Write another letter to yourself dated June 12, 2015.  You should be just about to graduate when you get it.

See you at our final on Tuesday 6/12.

And remember...

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