Monday, June 4, 2012

Textbook Returns and Online Test Practice

Good morning,

Today we will have textbook returns. At our scheduled time we will all go down to the library to return textbooks. If any of your other teachers have told you that you need to keep a textbook to study for finals you can. You will need to return that book to the textbook window after the final for that class.

If you forgot to bring any textbooks to class today you can return them to the textbook window after school or at lunch another day this week, but not during class time.

Thursday afternoon will be the last day to use lockers, so please only keep textbooks you need for finals. Correction Locker Clean Out is Wednesday 6/6 during ADVISORY!

Also today, we need to practice taking an online test. Your final is going to be online, so this is to familiarize you with that process and make sure it works for us. To take the practice test you will need a test code that I will give you.  This code only works on this test and will not work on any other test.

Before the test, you will do a short tutorial about online testing. Go slowly and read the directions. This information may help you do better on the real test. 

Please go to the START PAGE and enter your code when I give it to you. Once you enter your code you may proceed at your own pace.

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