Monday, October 14, 2013

The Perfect Book Project

Books Out

I read your book reviews over the weekend.  They were very good, but I also looked closely at your reading survey again, and I saw that a lot of you have trouble finding books you like.  I want to help make that easier for you with a little activity we are doing today. I call it "The Perfect Book" project.

Goal #1
Work with a partner to collaboratively create a version of your perfect book. The book you would be dying to read, the book you would tell all your friends they have to read, the book you would re-read several times.

You will need:    a) a partner   b) the slideshow below   c) the form linked below
1. One of you should have the slides and the other should have the form.
2. Submit one form for both of you.
3. Collaborate and combine your ideas to create the perfect book.
4. Link to the form

Goal #2:
The second goal for today will be revealed to you only after you complete Goal #1.  Save at least 15-20 minutes to complete Goal #2.

Goal #3: 
Unlocking the secrets of "The Perfect Book" project.

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