Monday, December 2, 2013

Welcome Back Novelists

Do you need a new book to read? 

This week we work on editing those novels to get ready for publication.
  • ð        My story has an ending that includes a resolution.
  • ð        I have divided my novel into sections or chapters in order to give it a structure that makes more sense for the reader.
  • ð        I have divided my writing into paragraphs and have made sure that I have indented properly.
  • ð        I have indented dialogue properly (each time there is a new speaker, there is also a new paragraph).
  • ð        I have made sure that all dialogue is punctuated correctly. (Use of quotations, commas, question marks, etc.)
  • ð        I have capitalized all words at the beginnings of sentences.
  • ð        I have capitalized the word “I” every time I have used it.

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