Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Textbook Return


Today, we will be returning textbooks to the library midway through the period.
Before we go please complete this Reading Survey.

Book reviews are due TODAY. Submit your links HERE

Finals are Wednesday for Period 4, Thursday for periods 6 & 7. 
Your final exam is an essay based on the readings we have done in the past weeks. You may write it by hand or use a computer. You can prepare by being familiar with the articles 'Undercover Parent", "Big Mother is Watching You" and "6 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Life"  You should also review the notes you took on the Frontline documentary from last Thursday. (The link is in the post below if you would like to see it again.) It will also help you to spend some time thinking about your own opinions about children, parents and the internet. Be prepared to explain what you think clearly, with reasonable arguments, effective evidence and specific examples. 

Still have time to spare? Try writing a letter to your future self; advice for September, hopes for your senior year, or predictions about where you will be in five to ten years make great emails. FUTUREME.ORG

I'm also still taking BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS

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