Monday, November 17, 2014

Mo' Subplots, Mo' Problems

We will read at the bell

Today we wrote, but first we spoke with our small groups using this protocol in order to generate ideas for subplots in our novels.

Shared Brainstorm:

  1. Remind your group who your main character is, and what the main conflict of your story is. (1 minute)
  2. Ask your group the following question: What other problems do you think my character could face in my story? (2 minutes)
  3. Your group may ask clarifying questions or make statements such as:
    Would it make sense if your character….?
    What kinds of problems do you think _____ would face if...?
    I think it might be interesting if your character….?
  4. While you’re listening, make notes of your group’s suggestions. 
  5. Repeat for next group member.
  6. When instructed - fill out this exit slip

For a quick review of subplots, check out this post from last week. It might help you.

You have TWO book reviews due on Wednesday, November 19.
Write them. Put them in Goodreads. This is homework.

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