Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Novel Climaxes

We have a lot to do today. You need some tabs open:
  • This blog
  • Goodreads (Log in by clicking the Google symbol.). Open the pages where your book reviews are. If you haven't put your book reviews on Goodreads, do so.
The first thing you are going to do today is submit your book reviews. To do this, click on the "Independent Reading/Book Reviews" tab at the top of this page. Remember: you need the links to the pages for your book reviews, not the page for the book itself.

Over our break next week many of you will be writing the climax of your novel. This is the most exciting part of your book, the moment when your character gets (or loses) what he or she wants most. It is a moment of triumph or despair.
Here are some famous film climaxes for your enjoyment and inspiration. 

I may ask you to complete this exit slip form. It's two questions.

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