Thursday, December 15, 2016

Socratic Prep Day 2

Goal: Finish preparation for our Socratic Seminar tomorrow.

Prepare for Socratic

Full Disclosure from Mrs. R: I got food poisoning last night and I am not in great shape this morning. Still I think you will be far more productive if I sit here and say. "Work on that," than if I have a sub come in and say, "Work on that." So, I'm here and you're working.

Socratic Seminar Tomorrow: 
Bring your preparation doc on paper. 
If you worked on it on the computer you are responsible for printing it out on your own. 
I offered you a paper copy on Tuesday. You can also get a digital copy HERE,

Check out a good book to read over break. 
Return your group book to the library. 
Finish your Socratic prep. 

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