Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Something Special

Goals: Learn somethings about world geography, international news, global politics, and humanity.

Set up your FanSchool account
Pick your countries

Set up your FanSchool Account: 

  • Read these directions carefully. 
  • You will set up your account with your personal email because you don't have email with your district account. 
  • Use your real first and last name. (Don't test me on this one.)
  • Pick a password you will remember. (I suggest Robertsisawesome, best password ever.)
  • Go to FanSchool and set up your account. 
  • You will need a "token" (code) to join our league. I will give you that in class. 
Get out your list of countries you've been keeping from watching and reading the news. 
Find out where they are. Try a MAP
Get ready to come up and pick your country when it is your turn. 
Continue to do research via news and maps as countries are picked. 
All the countries you think you want may be taken before it is your turn. 

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