Monday, June 5, 2017

Project Time

Goal: Work on your academic honesty project so that you will be done by Thursday.

Project time

Project time:
Be sure to review expectations on the Academic Honesty-Next Steps Project Page
Specifically be sure your project has:
  • Data from our survey
  • Cited sources/ references visible to the audience (even if it is small)
  • Your first names
  • Credits to anyone who helped you with the project
Want more project time in class tomorrow? 
You can write you BOOK REVIEWS TONIGHT. Put it in your Book Reviews document (not your English Journal.)

  • CALL IN your Extreme Sports essay if you haven't already.
  • Return all books you borrowed from our classroom. 
  • 6/6 Book reviews due. Write at home or in class depending on your project needs.
  • 6/7 Textbook return. Bring all of your textbooks to class and we will take them back to the library during our class period.
  • 6/8 Academic honesty projects due. Be ready to present and explain your project.
  • 6/9 Clean out your locker before 6/9.

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