Friday, June 2, 2017

Project time

Goal: Make progress on your academic honesty project. 

  • Read
  • Reading progress
  • Work on your project.
  • Get feedback on your proposal as you work. 
Reading Progress: 
Fill out the FORM with your update. 

Work on your project: 

  • I know many of you have already started. 
  • Today is a good day to make more progress. 
  • If something needs to get done for your project this weekend be sure your group knows who is doing what. 
  • Need a template for a brochure, click here
Final Study Guide: 
The final will be mostly multiple choice and it will contain many passages from articles you have already read along with a few new ones. If you've been here and focused on our work you should already be well prepared. If you want some suggestions for studying you can view the STUDY GUIDE. (It will be worth 10-15% of your semester grade.)

Return all books you borrowed from our classroom. 
6/2 Academic honesty project proposals were due today.
6/6 Book reviews due. Write it in your Book Reviews Doc. Choice: Write your review at home and have more time to work on your project in class. Or write your review in class on 6/6. 
6/7 Textbook return. Bring all of your textbooks to class and we will take them back to the library during our class period.
6/8 Academic honesty projects due. Be ready to present and explain your project. 

Check what's checked out to you from the PLHS Library:
Go to the library catalog page. Sign in (upper right side) then click the "My info" tab to see what is checked out to you. 

Other tips: 
Pick up award certificates in the counseling office. 
Clean out your locker before 6/9. 

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