Monday, October 17, 2011

Memoirs due tomorrow

Good morning,

After a few presentations today you will return to your writing groups.  Take your rubric with you.

Also today I will give you a very very small print out of your grade and assignments in our class. Please show this to your parent(s) and return it signed (by your parent) to me.

Your memoir should be finished before class tomorrow.  I expect it to be formatted correctly in MLA style, including a heading, appropriate title format, etc.  For guidance on style formatting please visit the Perdue Online Writing Lab page.

I will begin grading memoirs on Wednesday. You may continue to make minor revisions to your document until I grade it. (You can revise it after I grade it, but I may or may not be willing to re-grade it.) it will likely take me 5-7 days to grade all memoirs.

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