Monday, December 5, 2011

Writing Partners Review

Good morning:

Do Now:  (This is practice from what we did on Friday. If you were absent or need a review look at the slides in the post below.)  You will need the sentence below to work with.
Ted was tired as he walked home from dance class.
A. Write that sentence in your WN (writer's notebook) and highlight the adjective.
B. Rewrite the sentence so that it opens with the adjective.
C. Rewrite the sentence again so that it opens with TWO opening adjectives, make sure one of them is much more interesting than the adjective you have already.

Great, now lets take a look at what NaNoWriMo says about writing workshop. CLICK HERE

Today you will also need the Reader Review Form
Homework: If you were unable to complete your review and submit your form during class please make sure you get that done tonight.

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