Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Revision 2

DO NOW: (in WN)
Write three sentences that begin with an opening adjective, or two opening adjectives, or an opening adjective phrase.

Have you:
-Selected your excerpt that you want me to use to evaluate your novel?
-Revised that excerpt if needed?
-Edited that excerpt very carefully?
-Reviewed your partners novel (the opening)?
-Checked on the purpose of your chapters?

Lets work some more on our revision plan

Review from yesterday:

Are you using your chapters purposefully? Remember chapters serve a purpose.
  • Change perspective, talk about a different character
  • Change time, skip hours, days, months, years or go back in time, flashback, years, months, days, hours
  • Change setting
  • Create suspense
  • Short chapter with a sub plot
  • Give the reader a chance to think
  • Distracting the reader from one event to another

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