Monday, May 21, 2012

Coming Up

Good morning,

Here is the "in writing" version of the things we said this morning.

This week:
I want to see your citation page today. It should be a work in progress, but I want to see the progress.
You have the rest of this week to work on your project.
Use Google Scholar.
Keep up with citations
Gather more information
Work on your blog, site  or other electronic format
Prepare a presentation if you need to.
Help out two of my 4th period students.

Next Week
Tuesday=Sub day.  I'll be gone, but you get one more day to work on your project. Write a book review. Work on your Works Cited page. Read.
Wednesday=You present your project if it is not in an online format.  All of you will have a hard copy of your Works Cited Page due in class on Wednesday.
Thursday=You review online projects and respond to them in a form for me.
      This is also the last day in May.  Make sure you have reviewed two books.
Friday=We continue with any unfinished presentations and online evaluations.

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