Monday, May 14, 2012


Good morning,

According to your post-it notes this morning, most of you are feeling very confident about your projects, so I am going to stay out of your way and answer questions as needed.

A few dates to keep in mind:
  • I will be out this week for a training on Wednesday and Thursday.  Make sure you have quiet work to do on your project for both of those days.  If you are working with a partner please discuss ahead of time what you will each be working on during those days.
  • Next week will be your last full week to work on your project.
  • Your Works Cited page will be due on Wednesday 5/30.  Late pages will have lower grades. Keep track of your sources.
  • We will begin presenting projects on 5/30 also.  I will make a schedule for that next week and tell you your date. Remember your project must reach a larger audience some how.  Presenting in class alone is not sufficient.

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