Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Historically Speaking

Good morning,

Sorry I can't be with you. I have something fun for you though.
  1. Get this document about the history of your topic.
  2. Use "Save As" to rename it with your period, name and history. (ie 3JohnHistory)  (Save it in your My Documents folder.)
  3. Complete the answers by using your existing research or by learning more.  If you don't know who the important people are for example, do some research, now.
  4. Upload your document to me HERE the password is "pointer"
  5. FYI Citelighter says they are having some problems at the moment. If it's not working use a doc to track your sources today.
When you have completed that please continue with your regularly scheduled project research. If you get stuck or have to stop you can work on reading one of your books for May.

Also if you haven't practiced using it yet, go ahead and learn more about the research box in Google Docs.

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