Friday, April 25, 2014

Charting the Text: Extreme Sports Not About Risk-taking: Study
Sit with your number groups today. (see board)


How does looking closely at what an author is saying and doing help us to better understand what a text is about? How does that help us think about it, talk about it, and write about it?

Today you will be charting (saying/doing) the text for "Extreme Sports Not About Risk-taking: Study"
You have the text in  You might also find it helpful to use this PDF version because the paragraphs are numbered, but you will have to scroll to page nine to find this article.

When you finish your chart of the text you are ready to do SOAPSTone for it.  You can work with a partner (already at your table) to complete one form with both of your names.
SOAPSTone for Extreme Sports Not About Risk-taking: Study

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