Friday, April 11, 2014

Finishing our Stereotypes Essay Draft

Happy Friday.  Read, but as you read also work on getting your Google Docs open.  You will need your stereotypes essay doc.

You have been making great progress writing about our research.  Today you will write the final three paragraphs of your essay.

5. Describe who is affected by stereotypes on our campus: Consider who is most affected. Are all groups equally affected? What is the impact of the negative stereotypes on students? This is a good place to include a specific example of someone you interviewed, a friend or even yourself being impacted by stereotypes.

6. Explain what our research says about our school: Are stereotypes a problem? Could they have serious consequences? Should we be trying to do something about the issue?  (You might use a reference to Jerry Kang's talk about Immaculate Perception in this paragraph.)

7. Explain the next steps our school should take for improving our school culture: What will we do about it? What will you do about it? How will your actions make a difference? What do you want others to do?

AOW:  I have an article for you about the genocide in Rwanda twenty years ago. You should read it and take the quiz, but you also might find something in it that could be another example for your essay on stereotypes. Login to (use Google) and look for the article in your binder called "Two decades later, Rwanda rises from the ashes of genocide" (Read the article and take the quiz, but you don't need to write about this one in your writer's notebook.)

Change your Google Password. The internet caught a bad bug this week. I highly recommend you change your Google password to something strong and do not use your Google password for any other accounts.

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