Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Writing about our research


It's about time you saw the writing prompt we are already working on:
Now that you've read Shankar Vedantam’s piece about stereotype threat for the Washington Post, you will investigate stereotypes at our school and write an article like Vedantam’s of your own. You will gather evidence as a class. Each of you will interview at least two peers at the school and share your results (anonymously) with the class. Then, you will use the class’s evidence to write your own article. Model your article after the rhetoric in Vedantam’s article, shaping yours as he does his, so you use similar techniques, writing for similar purposes and a similar audience.
I have sent you a Google Doc to write your article.
The document includes a link to access our data and a series of steps for you to complete the essay. I will be helping you along the way with suggestions about what to write when. Plan to have your essay fully completed by Tuesday 4/15. 

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