Thursday, May 22, 2014

Charting the text, Undercover Parent

Sit with your number groups today. Then read your book.

Yesterday, you did a first read of Undercover Parent.  You should still have a copy of the text in your Google Drive. Open that.

Today, we will be charting the text, looking closely at what the author is saying and doing in his writing. You have paper on your tables for that. Begin by adding numbers to the paragraphs of the text to make your work easier. Your chart is due today.  You can work alone or with the others at your table.

If you were absent yesterday you need to scroll down to the next post and read what you missed.  Then make a copy of the text and share it with me.

if you are absent today you will need to ask me for the charting organizer so that you can complete it on your own when you get back. (You do know being absent does not excuse you from this work, right?)

You can still call me. If you forgot to call in your Extreme Sports Essay you can still call it in today for up to 8 points.

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