Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Four Corners Discussion: Internet Privacy

Today we begin a new unit, our last one for the year. :(

We will be discussing, reading and writing about issues of privacy and digital citizenship. Your final exam will include an essay about these topics based on the readings we will be working on over the next few weeks.

We will begin today with a Four Corners Discussion about some of these issues. (I will post the statements later.)

Four Corners Debate:

  1. There are signs in the four corners of the room. They say, Strongly Agree, Agree, Strongly Disagree and Disagree. 
  2. I will show you some statements on the board. 
  3. For each statement you will think about your personal stance on that issue and move to the part of the room that reflects your opinion. 
  4. Talk to the people in your corner about why you feel that way about the issue. 
  5. I will ask someone from your corner to speak for your group about your position. 
Today is call it in day.  You need to call me by 9PM and read your Extreme Sports Essay. 
Read well. Inflection counts. Practice before you call. The number is on your essay doc or use the widget on this blog (upper right). 

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