Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Noticing Language in Undercover Parent

Goal: Looking closely at the language in "Undercover Parent."

Noticing Language

Noticing Language:

  • Authors choose their words carefully because many words carry positive or negative connotations. 
  • Today you will look at the words Coben uses in "Undercover Parent." He chose many of them very carefully. Can you tell why? How do his choices affect the text? 
  • Complete THIS FORM with your partner to help you look closely at his language choices. 

Denotation: The literal meaning of the word, like the definition you would find in the dictionary.

Connotation: The feeling a word creates for a reader. Some words have positive connotations, others have negative connotations. Sometimes different words can have almost the same meaning, but very different connotations.

Note: Two new book reviews are due in two weeks! June 10th is your deadline. Start writing them now. 

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