Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rhetorical Precis for Undercover Parent

Goals: Practice with rhetorical precis then share out the results.

Contents of your final
Writing a rhetorical precis
Share out

Contents of your final:
For your final you will be tested on multiple reading and writing skills. With a new article you must be able to do the following on your own:
Charting the text
Identifying and explaining uses of ethos, logos and pathos
Write a rhetorical precis
Write an on-demand (in class) essay.

Today in class: 
Practice writing a rhetorical precis about Undercover Parent. You know the article very well by now so this should not be hard. Write in your English Journal. Near the end of the period you will copy/paste your work into Socrative.

Finals Schedule:
Thursday, June 11, periods 6 and 7
Friday June 12, periods 1 and 2
Monday June 15, periods 3 and 4

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