Thursday, November 3, 2016

Character goals lead to theme conclusions

Goal: Apply what you learned in your last lesson on theme to the book you are reading as a group.

Review Theme
Theme work with your group

Theme work with your group:
  • Have ONE person in your group get a copy of your theme organizer
  • That person needs to rename it correctly, share it with everyone in the group, and share it with Mrs. R. 
  • Work as a group to complete the organizer. Divide the work evenly. 
  • Remember you need evidence to go with your themes. 
  • I will look at the revision history to see who completed what. 

Character Drawing:
  • Some teams still need to finish your character drawing from yesterday. 
  • Do you have both internal and external conflicts?
  • Are they in the right places?
  • Does it look good? (Never underestimate the power of good looking work. 
  • You can get creative with colors, fonts, and props for your character. 
Keep reading. 
Keep an eye on those conflicts your character is facing and how he or she deals with them. Flag them when you see them in your book. 
Be on the lookout for new conflicts that suddenly arise in the middle of the book. 

Keep adding predictions to your predictions chart. 
Keep thinking about how all of this supports the theme(s) you worked on today. 

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