Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Characters in conflict

 Goal: Developing a deeper understanding of characters and the conflicts they face.

Quick write
Character drawing

Quick Write:
  • Open your English Journal. Add today's date at the top. 
  • Prompt: 
    • Consider a character from your group novel. 
    • What problems does that character have? 
    • Write about those problems. 
    • Try to come up with at least three things your character is worried about or dealing with. 
Character Drawing:
  • Choose a character captain in your group. 
  • Have that person click HERE to get a copy of "Character."
  • Share it with the people in your group and Mrs. R.
  • Name it period, color, book title.  So: 3 Blue Saint Iggy
  • I have to give you the rest of the directions for this in class. If you are absent you're missing all the fun.
  • Types of Character Conflict
Keep reading. 
Keep an eye on those conflicts your character is facing and how he or she deals with them. Flag them when you see them in your book. 
Be on the lookout for new conflicts that suddenly arise in the middle of the book. 
Keep adding predictions to your predictions chart. 

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