Friday, November 4, 2016

Lots to do today

Goals: Reading progress, "AOW" and catching up.

Release forms: 
Occasionally people like to visit our classroom to see how we use our computers, collaborate on projects, etc. Sometimes they like to bring cameras. I want to be sure I know parent/guardian preferences about students being in pictures and videos. Today I am sending home a letter and release forms. Please return them asap. Thank you.

Reading Progress Survey:
Please complete the SURVEY to give me a snapshot of where you are as a reader today.

Article of the Week:
Yesterday I showed you what a mail in ballot looks like and answered your questions about the election. it was clear from the brief discussion that many of you want to know more. So your AOW this week is about digging into what you want to know.

  • I'm providing some links below. 
  • Examine one or more of them closely. 
  • Write two paragraphs in your English Journal. The first should be about what looked at and what you found. The second should be what you think about what you found. 
KPBS Voter Guide: Enter your address and look at the section about the 31 ballot measures. 

FiveThirtyEight Election Forecast: Examine the maps, graphs, and articles here to learn more about the statistics in the election. 

Visit the Official Voter Information Guide from the state of California. Use the box on the left to navigate to the propositions and learn more about one that interests you. 

Catch Up: We started several things this week with your groups that you didn't quite finish. Your character conflicts silhouette and the theme organizer you started yesterday still need some work. talk to your group about how you will get those finished and ready for next week. 

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