Monday, January 23, 2017

Book Reviews

Goals: Book reviews and final preparation.

Book Reviews

Absent Friday?
If you were not in class on Friday you need to scroll down and review the information from that post AND get yourself a copy of the study guide for the final.

Book Reviews: 

  1. I shared a new document with you in Google Drive for your book reviews. 
  2. It's getting a bit confusing to have your book reviews in your English Journal, so we are going to move them. 
  3. Open your English Journal and the new Book Reviews document I sent you. 
  4. Copy and paste (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) your reviews from your English Journal over to your Book Reviews doc. 
  5. You can delete your book reviews from your English journal once you are sure that they are in your Book Reviews doc. 
  6. Make sure reviews #4 and #5 are complete. 

Have you?
Turned in the homework sheet from last week, Analyzing Stylistic Choices?
Turned in your socratic seminar preparation doc? (From before winter break.)
Checked out the book you are reading now?
Checked Power School to see what you might be missing?
Requested regrades on work you have improved? (Regrade request deadline is tomorrow 1/24.)

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