Tuesday, January 10, 2017

FanSchool Round 2

Current trend map
Goal: Picking new countries for our next round of FanSchool.

Read (Reading is always your homework.)
New country selections

Picking new countries:

  • Our first round of FanSchool was a learning experience. Now that you know more we will have another pass at it. 
  • Login to https://www.fanschool.org and take a look at the trends map. 
  • Make a list of the ten countries you would be most interested in drafting in this round. 
  • If you were absent when we did this the first time you will need to join our league. I will give you a code. 
Socratic Seminar make up at 2:25 today. Bring your preparation document completed. 
READ. Two new book reviews due 1/23. Start one now. 
Now is also the time to revise and request regrades on memoir work. 1/24 is the last day to request a regrade. 

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