Thursday, January 19, 2017

Finishing work, getting caught up, and looking at word choice

Goals: Finish your letter to McBride and other catch up work.

Self evaluation
Writing time
Analyzing Stylistic Choices

Self Evaluation: 
Use THIS FORM to self evaluate your letter to Mr. McBride.

Writing time:
There are several things you could probably use more time for. 
1. Finish your letter to Mr. McBride. It is due today, but keep working on it until it is finished or until I grade it, whichever comes first.
2. Work on your first (or second) book review. Book reviews are due Monday 1/23, but getting them done early is highly recommended.

Analyzing Stylistic Word Choices: 
Complete the TWO SIDED sheet that asks you to look closely at the words McBride chooses to use in his essay. You may begin this in class and complete it for homework. Due Friday 1/20.

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