Thursday, February 23, 2017

AOW and Work to get caught up

Goals: Article of the Week, check in, and catch up.

Article of the Week
Review language of Film
Check in and Catch Up

Happy Thursday: 
Absences have been unusually high this week. Missing 5-9 students per period is not a good way to make progress with material we all need. Today we will take a breath, see who's here, and play catch up. When you are absent check the blog.

Article of the week:

  1. If you were absent Tuesday or Wednesday catch up on that work first!
  2. AOW: I assigned you an article in Newsela. You can probably find it HERE. (Sign in with Google)
  3. Read it carefully. 
  4. In your English Journal, TWO paragraphs. In the first paragraph summarize the article. In the second paragraph say what you think about the subject. 
KEEP READING. If you don't like your book lets find you a new one. 
Last chance to review your course selections and change them yourself in Power School. (We visit the counselors on 3/10 to finalize your choices.)
Finish your paragraph about irony and mood in "Cask of Amontillado." I'm going to grade that. 

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