Monday, February 6, 2017

Writing about irony and theme in Possibility of Evil

Goal: Writing academically about irony and theme in "Possibility of Evil"



  1. Open your English Journal. Add a new entry at the top with today's date. 
  2. Use the prompt below to write a response about "Possibility of Evil" 
  3. Use evidence from the text in your writing. (Note: Open your reading organizer from last week. It will have the link to the text. Also, be sure you completed it.)
  4. If you need help writing about irony look at THESE SLIDES

Shirley Jackson uses irony frequently in “The Possibility of Evil.” Give at least two examples of irony from the story and explain why each is ironic.  What do these examples tell us about the character and what Jackson thinks about human nature?

You should be about 1/2 way through your first book for this grading period.
Next Wednesday we go to a counseling presentation and pick classes for next year.
Done with the paragraph above and all caught up? Practice your irony skills use code 834860.

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