Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Reading for evidence in Possibility of Evil

Such lovely roses. 
Goal: Read the beginning of The possibility of Evil while gathering evidence to support your thinking. Complete the reading organizer as you go.

Add an Extension
Read Possibility of Evil

Add an Extension: 
Today we will be reading on a PDF.
It will help if you can mark it up and add notes.
Visit the Chrome WebStore and add KAMI to your browser.

Possibility of Evil:
  1. Open your Google Drive and Check "Shared with me" or "incoming" for a new document called "Reading Organizer." 
  2. Click the link at the top of the reading organizer to access the PDF of the reading. 
  3. Follow the directions on the reading organizer to stop and answer the questions as you go. Be sure to include the quotations from the story (evidence) that supports your thinking. 
  4. We will take more than one day to read this, but try to get through at least half today. 
  5. Finish the organizer by Friday. 
Catch up in your English Journal. You should have two entries. 
Read, always read. 

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