Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Reading Inventory and Project Proposals

Goals: District reading inventory assessment. Continue working on your project proposal.

Reading inventory assessment
Project proposal

Reading Inventory:
Today we repeat the reading inventory assessment you last took in January. Your updated scores will help us assess your reading progress. It may take you 30-45 minutes. There is no rush.

(If you are absent don't try to take this test at home.)

Project Proposal: 
When you write a proposal you are trying to convince others (and yourself) that your project is worth doing. A proposal helps you think through all of the parts of the project. If you are working as a team, the proposal becomes a document that shows what you agreed to do.

Still have time to spare?: 
Help students in Ms. Murphy's class by taking some of their surveys. Or take this survey about Google Classroom.  Or read this newsletter from the library.

Keep reading. You'll be finishing book #11 by 6/6.
Project Proposal due before class on 6/2. (Yes, I'm going to grade them.)

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