Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Presentations and Citation Circles Continued

Good morning,

We will continue with presentation and then complete the citation circles sheet we began working on yesterday.  

Then you have an article to read with a partner to prepare for our next citation circle activity.  The articles are shared with you already in your view only folder. I'll let you know which one you are responsible for in a moment. (If you are absent today and working from home you may choose one of the three articles to read.)  Use File/Make a copy to create your own editable version of the article. You and your partner should share a co-annotate the article together.

As you read the article the first time with you partner we will use the "Say Something" protocol.
On your second read consider these questions:
  • Who is the author and what is his or her perspective?
  • What claims does the author make?
  • What sub-claims and evidence does the author use?
  • Does the author offer an opposing viewpoint and a counter argument? (If so what are they?)

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