Friday, April 27, 2012

Writing Prompts and Persuasive Letters

Good Morning,

We have a prioritized "To Do" list today. Attack these tasks IN THIS ORDER!

1. Persuasive on-demand writing assessment:  Down load the prompt here.  You can write your response on paper or on the computer, but you must turn in a hard copy to me before you leave today.

2. Print your persuasive letter and works cited page and turn them in.
  •  I HIGHLY recommend letting me look at this before you print it.  
  • Click the print icon in docs. 
  • Say OK to open the PDF. 
  • Scroll through the PDF yourself looking for problems. 
  • When you think it is perfect bring it to me. 
  • Quietly, people are working.
3. Address a label that will go on the envelope with your letter.
4. Write a review in Goodreads.  You need two for April by Monday!

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