Friday, April 20, 2012

We Need Postage!

There wasn't much to post this week.  Students were making their fabulous persuasive speeches every day. Extra time went to drafting and writing groups. On Thursday we watched the live feed of the Dalai Lama speaking at SDSU.  His talk covered themes about compassion, responsibility, respect, honesty and non-violence.  It was the best character education lesson ever.  (I got to hear him speak live Wednesday afternoon at USD, so I had a preview of what he would be saying.)

Next week we will have a modified schedule for three days because of testing.  Persuasive letters will be finalized by Thursday or Friday.  We will be mailing them, so we need stamps.  There is a tiny bit of extra credit for students who bring in an extra stamp for a classmate who needs one.

Also, the grading period ends next Friday.  Student GPAs on this progress report will determine which freshmen are eligible for the hour lunch on advisory schedule days.  Fall eligibility will be determined by June grades and CST scores, so do the best you can on the tests next week and the week after.

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