Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 2: Lets get going...


Welcome to day 2 of 9th grade.  Today I hope we will be getting out those netbooks and I have some work for you to do.

  1. Get logged into your netbook. Ask for help if you can't remember your password. 
  2. Get to this blog page and BOOKMARK it. Ask if you need help bookmarking.
  3. Complete the Student Data Form
  4. Read this article about Mrs. R to get to know her better. 
  5. Interview a partner about him or herself. Your partner will also interview you. Use these questions. Save your notes because you will use them for a writing assignment later this week. 
  6. Get and independent reading book. 
Don't forget:
Return the Netbook Use Contract if you haven't already
Textbook checkout is Friday, bring your ID and backpack.
Picture makeups are Thursday in 301 if you need an ID. 

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