Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Greetings younglings,

We will read at the bell. 

Getting started:
  1. Take out your Partner Article.
  2. Get a post-it from the center of your table.
  3. Write your name on it.
  4. List the Text Features you used on your partner article.
  5. Put the post-it on the paper you are about to turn in.
Today we are going to look at your summary skills. We will watch a short clip of an excerpt from the State of the Union Speech President Obama gave in February. You will annotate your own copy of the text.

What is his main idea?
What are his supporting details? 

Complete the Exit Slip summary activity. 

 (Hint, you can copy/paste this summary frame into the form if that helps you.) (This is as easy as it gets folks. You are all going to ace this.)

In his 2013 State of the Union speech, the author, _______(Author)____________, argues/claims/ contends that ____________(Main Idea)_____________________.  According to the President, _____________(Supporting Detail 1)______________.  In addition, President Obama states/discusses/claims/suggests _____________(Supporting Detail 2)____________________________. 

Also, President Obama states/discusses/claims/suggests __________(Supporting Detail 3)___________.

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