Monday, September 23, 2013

Setting contributes to characterization...

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We will read at the bell.  Books out.

We have been looking at characters. Today we are going to move our analysis over to setting.

A detailed setting can tell you a lot about a character.  We will look at a setting together, you will look at settings in your books and, if you are very lucky, you might even get to create a setting that says something about a character.

Goal #1: Look closely at a setting
CLICK THIS LINK: to open a Word doc that is a description of a setting from Great Expectations.

Goal #2: Look closely at the setting in your book
Now, look at the settings described in your group novel.  Select two quotes from the novel that describe the setting, but tell you something about the character.

Goal #3: Create a Setting
Choose a character from your group book that doesn't have his or her own setting, or who's setting is not well described.  WRITE a descriptive paragraph about the setting for that character. (In Writer's Notebook) EXPLAIN (in a second paragraph) what you are trying to show about the character with the setting you created. There are some ideas HERE if you need help.

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