Friday, December 12, 2014

Article of the Week - TED Talk

Today we're going to return to something that we haven't done in a while: Article of the Week!

It's going to be a little different today though. I have a TED Talk for you. We're going to watch a video. Before we get to that though, I have a question for you.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we are wrong. How does that feel? Is it okay?

In your English Journal, write at least two paragraphs:

Paragraph 1: 
According to Kathryn Shulz, what is the value in being wrong? What are her main arguments about being right or wrong?

Paragraph 2:
How have your views about rightness and wrongness changed? What is your overall opinion of this talk? How might it affect you and your peers?

Things to Work on at Home (Homework):
  • Continue working on your summary document. You should have your blurb and examples by this point. Work on writing WHY the examples you have are strong.
  • Write your NaNoWriMo reflection (Part III).

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